Kim Kardashian Gets Testicular Implants For Her Dog? How Shallow Are We? [VIDEO]

I grew up in New York City and sometimes, walking along the street, the sight of a homeless man begging for food as people strolled along nearby, walking their dogs wearing expensive designer doggy clothes, would make me want to tear my hair out. “Nothing could be more callous and wasteful than expensive doggy clothes,” I thought to myself. I was wrong.

It turns out that people are actually forcing their pets to undergo cosmetic surgery. While the healthcare debate rages in the US and people do not have enough funds for life saving medical procedure, some people are actually bringing in Rex and Fido for nips and tucks.

Aside from the issues of animal cruelty and conspicuously wasteful consumption, isn’t this also completely unnecessary? Why the hell would a dog need a facelift?

“Pets,” Dr. Alan Schulman from LA told MSNBC, “are no longer considered property, but family members. With the evolution of this emotional bond, people with a discretionary income are taking advantage of technology and veterinary expertise to give their animals medically indicated reconstructive surgery resulting in a better quality of life.”

Holy God! How does implanting fake testicles, or Neuticles, improve its quality of life? Why would someone spend so much money to give their dog fake nuts when people are hungry and sick?

Who would be sick enough to do this? How about Kim Kardashian, who bought a pair for her dog Rocky.

You can also buy your pet orthodontics and get your little pet breast reduction surgery. The only question is: why is this becoming common?