Autotrader Names Best New Cars For Dog Owners

There are more than 50 million dog owners in America. According to Autotrader, more than 23 million of those dog owners considers buying a vehicle based on how well it can accommodate their dog. Autotrader, a very popular car-shopping site, has published a list of the top nine new cars that are ideal for dogs.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Brian Moody, the executive editor at Autotrader, said that the cars on Autotrader's list have ideal features for dog owners. The Autotrader executive continued to say that some of these features included low ride height, an airy cabin, fold-flat rear seats and under-floor storage.

One of the vehicles that made it to the list that Autotrader put together was the Audi Allroad. One of the reasons Autotrader listed this vehicle was because of the cargo space in the rear, as well as the low height, which is perfect for dogs. Another vehicle that made it to Autotrader's list was the Ford Edge. Autotrader mentioned the Edge's large cargo area and how the seats can be folded down, which is good news for dog owners. The starting price for the Ford Edge is $29,000 with shipping, as Autotrader pointed out.

Autotrader also listed the Honda Fit as a dog friendly car, noting that the vehicle's versatile subcompact has been charming a lot of people. If need be, the low floor can be made taller, as all you have to do is flip up the rear Magic Seats, as Autotrader notes. The Jeep Renegade made it on Autotrader's list of new cars that are perfect for dogs. Autotrader named its removable cargo floor panel as a good feature, as it allows dog owners to store their dog things.

The Kia Sedona was mentioned as being one of the best new cars for dog owners, and one of the main dog friendly features that the Sedona has are sliding doors.

Also making the list was the Lincoln MKC and the Mazda3. Autotrader says that the MKC upholstery has an upscale look to it, but it is easy to clean, which dog owners will appreciate. As for the Mazda3, it made Autotrader's list because of the large cargo area with seats that can fold down.

The last two cars that Autotrader recommends to dog owners is the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class and the Subaru XV Crosstrek. Autotrader said that Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class has one of the lowest load floors of any other compact SUV out there. As for the Crosstrek, Autotrader notes that it is smaller than an Outback, but it does offer drivers a lot of visibility and it is easy to clean.

[Image by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images]