WWE News: Ex-WWE Star Rips ‘Divas Revolution,’ Says WWE Needs To Abolish The Divas Championship

The WWE Divas Revolution has been one of the hottest topics among wrestling fans and pundits over the last week, most of which have been pointing out the obvious flaws in the storyline, saying that WWE is putting everyone involved in a position to fail.

While the Divas Revolution has been ripped apart by just about everybody who is a regular viewer of the WWE product, the general opinion is that all of the girls involved are extremely talented, and they’re capable of doing so much more than WWE is allowing them to do.

One of the biggest problems in the storyline is that WWE is refusing to go away from their “WWE-speak” and call the women wrestlers instead of divas, and former WWE Tag-Team and Intercontinental Champion Lance Storm recently did a Q&A session on his website [Storm Wrestling], and talked about his issues with WWE’s Divas Revolution, and why he thinks they should not only get rid of the term diva, but they should get rid of the Divas Championship as well, and replace it with the Women’s Championship.

“In NXT they are women wrestlers, they are competing for the NXT Women’s Championship; a title belt that looks credible [actually better than the Men’s Title in my opinion] and therefore can be respected. We were never told that the women were going to be taken seriously or that they were going to have good matches and be respected. They were just presented on the show in a respectable light, allowed to focus on competing to be a champion, and given enough time to do a good job if they were able. The women worked hard, had good matches, were given good angles, and fans started to care, and they got over. It was in a sense organic.”

“In WWE the women are ‘Divas’ a term when used in any other industry is a derogatory term referring to stuck up b***hy women. They compete [occasionally] for the Diva’s Title, which is a purple belt with a butterfly on it. At best this looks like a Barbie toy belt and at worst it’s derogatory and offensive because of the female sexual euphemism for butterfly. The women in WWE need a new title belt to compete for and in all honesty it needs to be renamed the WWE Women’s World Title.”

Storm did make sure to point out that, while he is criticizing the Divas Revolution, he is a fan of women’s wrestling and wants to see it succeed. But he believes that WWE is setting up their women to fail by telling their fans that we’re in the middle of a Divas Revolution, and trying to force them to get behind it, rather than letting it organically get over.

“Furthermore coming out and telling us there is a Diva’s Revolution and the women are going to be good and important now, was a big mistake. Don’t tell us it’s going to be good, just let it be good and we will come to that conclusion all on our own, like we did with NXT. Also in NXT each woman was given her turn to be focused on and chase the title. This allowed us to get behind them and follow their journey and struggle, while keeping the focus on becoming Champion. In WWE we are getting 3 groups of 3, which makes it near impossible to focus on the women individually and form an attachment to any of them and it has completely removed the focus on the title and being a champion.”

Many people have brought up that putting all of the girls in small groups was a huge mistake, but it appears that WWE is going to attempt to rectify that mistake, as there are plans to break up Team P.C.B. [Paige, Charlotte, Becky Lynch] before next month’s Night of Champions, with the idea being that the breakup will be caused by the group not being able to agree on which one of them will get the next shot at Nikki Bella’s Divas Championship.

[Image via WWE]