Will Zayn Malik, Michael Jackson Have Charity Similarities?

Zayn Malik has been compared to Michael Jackson by a celebrity over the end of August — but will Zayn be a doppelgänger for Jackson’s generosity?

Lately, the media has not been a fan of Zayn Malik, but someone close to Michael Jackson paid him a compliment that he is similar to The King of Pop.

The Daily Star reports on August 27 that Michael Jackson’s brother, Jackie Jackson, compared Zayn Malik to MJ. Allegedly, Jackie met Zayn Malik over the summer in Las Vegas and stated in an August interview, “I told him I’d like to help out. I’d like to work on the record. He told me how he listened to our music all the time.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Michael Jackson would have been celebrating his 57th birthday on August 29, and his mother still throws him a party. Regardless of Michael Jackson’s entertainment industry fame that is within the same realm of Zayn Malik’s current popularity, the way his family usually chooses to remember Jackson is through charity.

For instance, the theme of the birthday party Michael Jackson’s mother threw was a generous charity giveaway for schoolchildren in Gary, Indiana.

Zayn Malik may be compared to Michael Jackson in many ways, but time will tell if his legacy of charity will be similar to Michael Jackson’s. The Daily Mail reported on November 27, 2012 that it is estimated that Michael Jackson donated about $300 million or more to charity in his lifetime.

Interestingly, Michael Jackson is still giving to charity six years after his untimely death in 2009. In fact, a pair of Michael Jackson’s sunglasses are currently being used for a charity auction, according to a SnapSale press release from August 27.

Will Zayn Malik have an enduring charitable legacy that still brings in donations after he has left this world for the great beyond? According to the fan website Michael Jackson Community, MJ contributed to over 50 charities in his shortened lifetime.

Would being more charitable help Zayn Malik in any way? As it appears, on August 28 the Mirror reports that Simon Cowell thinks that Zayn Malik needs to “get a sense of perspective.” Could a heavy dose of life experience be gained if Zayn indulges in charity work on the level Michael Jackson was known for?

Although it is too early to say, Zayn Malik may have a lot of catching up to do if he wants to completely fit in Michael Jackson’s generous shoes. Nevertheless, Zayn Malik has put in a good effort during his One Direction days, according to Look to the Stars.

In his defense, now that he is no longer affiliated with One Direction, Zayn Malik has not had a lot of time to embark on charity projects.

Instead, Zayn Malik is allegedly taking some time off to party in Los Angeles, according to an August 28 report by J-14.

Nonetheless, if he needs the inspiration, Zayn Malik could use his time living in Los Angeles to completely embrace the enduring spirit of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson fans that need to feel the charitable grace of The King of Pop typically visit him at his last known address: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, in Hollywood Hills.

[Feature image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]