Google To Sell Android 5 Toting Line Of Nexus Phones Direct To Consumers

Google is getting ready to begin selling an entire line of Nexus phones featuring Android 5.0 Jelly Bean direct to consumers, reports the Wall Street Journal. The Nexus series of phones from Google are meant to be flagship devices that showcase plain “vanilla” Android’s capabilities without the excessive skinning and extra themes added on by companies such as HTC and Samsung who produce Android devices.

Only weeks after placing the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Galaxy Nexus on sale for $399 (and unlocked to boot), Google is said to be planning to partner with several OEMs (device manufacturers) to “have up to five Pure Google (read: Nexus) devices available at once,” Engadget reported, citing the WSJ.

The new, unlocked, phones will run Android 5.0 (nicknamed Jelly Bean) and will be sold direct to consumers in the United states, Europe and Asia.

Those familiar with the matter, WSJ parlance for sources wishing to remain anonymous, say that the new phones will be ready for sale by Black Friday.

Engadget termed Google’s move significant due to the rumored inclusion of OEMs aside from Motorola, which was recently purchased by Google for $12 billion.

“The move is likely to quell fears that certain partners may have about Google making Motorola Mobility its favorite after… [the] acquisition,” Engadget reported.