Jessa Duggar Appearance Protested In Wake Of Josh Duggar Cheating Scandal

Now that Jessa Duggar’s reality show career is kaput, the pregnant stay-at-home mom is trying to earn a little extra cash for her expanding family by booking speaking gigs. However, not everyone is interested in hearing what she has to say.

According to Radar Online, 22-year-old Jessa Duggar is set to appear at the Southern Women’s Show in Charlotte, North Carolina this Saturday at 1 p.m. The Duggar Family Blog says that Jessa will “answer questions, sign autographs, and take photos with guests.” Things could get awkward if guests try to ask her about Josh Duggar — according to the New York Daily News, members of the Duggar family do not want to talk Josh’s cheating scandal and his child molestation confession. They even turned down an interview with People Magazine because the publication was mostly interested in their thoughts about Josh.

Unfortunately for Jessa, her brother’s dark deeds have started to cast a shadow over her public speaking career, and she’s probably going to find it impossible to avoid questions about Josh. However, Duggar critics might save Jessa Duggar from facing these queries if they can succeed in getting her booted from the Southern Women’s Show.

“I would bet that there will be many women coming to your event that have been sexually molested, how do you think they will feel about this girl who minimizes it and has been taught it is her fault,” one commenter wrote on the event’s Facebook page. “You seriously need to re-think who your paid guests are!”

“Why the hell would you invite a girl who was raised in a family that looks down on women?”

Another commenter pointed out that Jessa Duggar’s family isn’t the only problem.

“Jessa Duggar should not be ‘speaking’ at a woman’s conference. She is an uneducated young lady with no knowledge of the world around her. She has no job, and at 22 has never held a job. She is not an example for young women to follow. She has no independence and has no life experiences. She has been brainwashed by a cult.”

If Jessa starts losing speaking gigs because of her family’s bad behavior, she could find herself in a bit of financial trouble. She doesn’t have a real job, and People reports that her husband’s last known gig was working as Jim Bob Duggar’s errand boy. Ben Seewald’s duties include mowing the grass and doing paperwork.

Oddly, the cover photo on the event’s Facebook page resembles the homepage for the Ashley Madison website. According to Gawker, Josh Duggar set up an account on the Ashley Madison website so that he could cheat on his wife of seven years, Anna Duggar.

Ashley Madison

Josh Duggar is the member of the Duggar family who is on the receiving end of the most criticism right now, but Jessa Duggar has also stirred up controversy by trying to defend him. During an interview with Megyn Kelly of Fox News, she played down the sexual molestation by saying that what her brother did to her and her sisters was no big deal. She also said that people who referred to Josh as a child molester were lying.

“In Josh’s case he was a boy, a young boy in puberty and a little too curious about girls, and that got him into some trouble. He made some bad choices. Really the extent of it was mild inappropriate touching on fully clothed victims, most of it while girls were sleeping.”

TLC decided to cancel 19 Kids and Counting after there was such a huge backlash to the Josh Duggar sexual molestation scandal. However, Jessa and Jill Duggar will appear on TLC one last time this Sunday in a documentary about sexual abuse titled Breaking the Silence. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jessa and Jill will be shown attending a seminar about molestation.

After Breaking the Silence airs, fans of Jessa Duggar can look for her upcoming appearances at Southern Women’s Shows across the country. She’ll appear at three more of them this year if protesters fail to get her removed from the events.

[Image credit: Jessa Duggar/Instagram]