Darrell Trigg, Christian Party Candidate — Is He Really Running For President?

Darrell Trigg, Christian Party candidate, isn't campaigning

If you hadn’t heard of Darrell Trigg, Christian Party Candidate (as he labels himself) before this week, you aren’t alone. There’s been a sudden spate of interest in Trigg this week, most of which centers around mocking his platform and trolling him — and the occasional more gentle dissection of his aims — but little positive support. However, whatever may have triggered the new interest, there’s no sign that the candidate himself has begun to take interest in his own campaign. His campaign efforts seem to have trickled to a stop — a year ago.

The self-proclaimed Christian Party candidate has suddenly received new press this week: Local 8 Now, out of Trigg’s native Tennessee, has covered him as a candidate “running on Christian values” and describing parts of his platform, such as officially declaring Christianity the religion of the U.S. and making Bible classes and daily prayer mandatory in all schoolrooms.

Blogs like The Friendly Atheist have pointed out flaws, such as the perceived hypocrisy — though Darrell Trigg would outlaw same-sex marriage and forbid divorce except in cases of abuse or adultery, both of which would be punishable by jail time, he himself was divorced in 2013.

A Daily Kos writer has even gone so far as to carry out a pretty significant trolling on the candidate — it seems Trigg failed to register the domain name “darrelltrigg.com,” so P. Barr bought it himself, and set it up to redirect to Planned Parenthood’s website.

However, it seems that Darrell Trigg’s new attention is virtually all from detractors, and that his own campaign fizzled some time ago. On his official site, the most recently dated update is a press release in July — July of 2014. The social media accounts attached to the campaign are also devoid of activity — the Facebook account, created last year, bears not a single post. Furthermore, of the total 43 likes on the page, 26, more than half are from this week. His Twitter account bears only one tweet, over a year old.

To be clear, these are the official social media accounts linked to from Trigg’s official campaign site — not fakes or secondary accounts.

There’s also no sign Trigg has been giving speeches to groups of like-minded voters or in any way campaigned to earn the vote of the “Christian Party.” In fact, the only speech that he appears to have given is the one in which he declared his candidacy, last year, and which continues to be the only item on his YouTube channel.

It’s still not clear where the new surge of interest came from, causing Darrell Trigg, Christian Party candidate, to reappear in news, blogs, and discussion boards across the web, but he and his campaign don’t seem to share the renewed interest.

[Image via Darrell Trigg]