5 Of The Most Humiliating And Awkward Flirting Moments

Some people consider flirting with someone an art form. People use a number of social skills, such as body language, empathy, intellect, and creativity, when trying at attracting someone, or behaving as though attracted to a person.

But sometimes things can go embarrassingly wrong when taking up flirting to get attention. Users of the BuzzFeed Community took time out to share some of their most awkward and embarrassing flirting stories.

Here are five humiliating flirting moments people shared with the BuzzFeed Community.

BuzzFeed user lilyw4ce6ee300 told this embarrassing flirting story.

“I was on a retreat with my church group, and it was a six-hour drive to get there, so we stopped at Wendy’s and I got a Frosty. I was sitting in the back of the van, and this guy was sitting in the seat in front of me when he turned around to talk to me. He said something that I thought was funny and I spit my Frosty ALL OVER HIS FACE.”

Here’s an uncomfortable moment submitted by BuzzFeed user camillem480e945df.

“I was walking home and saw my crush in front of me walking with a friend of his. I decided I’d be all cute and run past them, turn my head, and smile. As soon as I passed them, I let out a couple of pretty loud farts. I was hoping they didn’t notice until I heard his friend ask if I was farting.”

Facebook user Tee Johnny shared her flirting disaster.

“I was having a bad day at work a few weeks before Christmas and decided to escape to an Italian eatery nearby. While I was waiting for the really handsome waiter to take me to my seat, I decided to lean against the wall and do my best to look as hot and casually disinterested as I could. In doing so, I knocked over a Christmas tree near the entrance of the restaurant. The tree also happened to be connected to a garland that ran around the entire restaurant. The garland slowly started to disconnect from the wall and, like some hellish Christmas slinky-dominoes fusion, it fell down around the entire restaurant while the server and I stared at each other. I decided to get a glass of wine with lunch.”

Here’s an awkward flirting experience that went entirely wrong.

“When my boyfriend and I first started dating, we were making out and I tried doing this sexy leg kick. I ended up kicking him in the face and gave him a bloody nose.”

TillyDoll tells her flirting embarrassment.

“I used to work as a fishmonger and when I started my new job a cute guy came in. We got talking and when I mentioned what I used to do, he said, ‘No wonder you changed jobs!’ I responded, ‘Yes, but now I’ve got nothing to blame the smell on.’ He abruptly left without buying anything, while I shouted after him, ‘I don’t smell like fish. I can prove it!'”

Perhaps these embarrassing and awkward flirting moments remind you of an experience you may have had. If so, how about telling our readers your flirting story?

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