New MacBook Airs To Feature Retina Displays [VIDEO]

Rumors are now circulating that indicate a “Retina Display” for the next generation MacBook Air, following its introduction into Apple’s iPad line with the new iPad which was released earlier this year.

Apple defines a Retina Display as any screen with a pixel density so high that an end user cannot distinguish individual pixels. This high def display was first introduced into Apple’s iPhone line with the iPhone 4 and then made its way to the iPad earlier this year. The migration of this technology to the MacBook Air, which is the closest Apple laptop to the tablet form factor, both in terms of weight, size and instant on capabilities, is a logical next step for Apple.

According to Apple rumor website 9to5Mac: “Apple’s new MacBook Air will not see major changes across the entire computer like the next-generation MacBook Pro, but this update will truly be all about the Retina Display…Apple is preparing both new 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models. These new Airs lack notable design changes, but feature fast and power-efficient Ivy Bridge processors and improved graphics engines to support the Retina Display, according to supply chain sources. The new Airs will also use improved Apple internal battery technology in order to support the battery life required by high-pixel-density screens such as the Retina Display, according to sources familiar with prototype versions of the super-thin notebook’s internal components.”

The new Airs will not likely be announced at this years Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2012) next month because, MacRumors reported, “Apple still working to meet the Retina display’s power requirements within the MacBook Air’s thin form factor.”