Chelsea Handler Isn’t The Only One Flashing Her Underwear

Chelsea Handler has always been notorious for her “flashy” Instagram photographs and rather unladylike comments during many of her stand-up routines, but quite frankly, she’s not the only celebrity figure who happens to be flashing their underwear and some. In fact, this year there have been a substantial amount of celebrity scandals. In early March, Selena Gomez posted a rather tasteful image in which her underwear was revealed, and just in July, Nicki Minaj had her nipples fully exposed during a show. Melanie Sykes, much like Chelsea Handler, is also in her 40s and is frequently photographed in her underwear. Sometimes she even posts her lingerie shots on her Twitter account. And let’s not forget Rihanna, whose social media accounts are well-known for their scandalous nature. Then there’s Kim Kardashian who posts copious pics in which she is only wearing either her underwear or a bikini. The point is, Chelsea Handler’s most recent picture on Instagram is nothing new. Besides, some of Chelsea Handler’s past uploads expose considerably more skin.

Her Netflix special entitled Uganda Be Kidding Me is full of bawdy jokes and images, but that’s only because her style of comedy depends on lewd humour. So why is one picture getting so much attention? Is it simply because Chelsea Handler is slightly older than the majority of celebrity women who happen to be flashing their underwear to the world? Handler frequently states to the media and to her audience that she in no way takes her body seriously. In fact, Chelsea Handler has stated that most of her Instagram photos where she is seen topless are just a blatant statement in favor of the “free the nipple” movement that has been occurring ever since the photo sharing app banned a user for posting a picture revealing a female nipple. The actress has stated before, “I don’t understand why nipples are nudity. Who cares? Men can show their nipples, but if we have breasts we can’t show them?”

Chelsea Handler is certainly walking on a very fine line between tasteful lewdness and obscene erotica. In her most recent photo where she is posed in front of the bathroom mirror wearing nothing but a bra and holding an apple between her legs, she doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that she is wearing absolutely no underwear. Rather she states, “Look at my hair. Something must have happened while I slumbered.”

There’s no doubt that the comedian is in an ongoing battle to expose herself on Instagram in any way she can muster. And there is no denying that she is certainly finding some creative ways to do it!

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