Shania Twain Turns 50 And Looks Fab: What Are Her Beauty Secrets And Health Tips?

Shania Twain turned 50 today, but the “Forever and Always” singer seems to be forever young — the country-pop star still looks incredible in those thigh-high, Pretty Woman boots.

E! News recently helped Shania Twain fans celebrate her 50th birthday by creating a slideshow of some of her sexiest looks. Twain’s daring outfits included lots of leather, sparkly catsuits, plunging necklines, and short skirts. The fabulous photo below was taken during Shania’s June 30 performance at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The boots under Shania Twain's bed are still thigh-highs (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

As you can see, Shania is still doin’ it in style, and she hasn’t lengthened her skirts or ditched her fishnets simply because she’s a little bit older.

You’re probably dying to know how Shania Twain looks so incredible at age 50, and it turns out that one of her best beauty secrets is great for her skin and her body. During an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, she credited her vegetarian diet for keeping her looking so youthful and vivacious. She also revealed which foods she makes sure that she eats daily.

“You’ve got to eat healthy. I stick to a mixture of real raw, whole-food items every day. I make sure I’m eating greens every day, and nuts, and food that’s not processed.”

Twain revealed that she tries to avoid filling up on starches like pasta and bread, and she told SheKnows that she also stays away from sugar. As far as exercise is concerned, she’s not a fan of the gym — she stays in shape by walking and playing tennis.

Obviously Shania Twain is so much more than a pretty face — she’s also a super-talented star who really appreciates her fans. According to the Morning Call, she decided to celebrate her 50th birthday by giving her fans a reason to celebrate with her. In honor of Shania reaching the half-century mark, tickets to her October 2 concert in Allentown, Pennsylvania, are being sold at a discounted rate of $50 each. The stop is one of the legs of her Rock This Country farewell tour.

Shania is probably feeling like a very lucky woman right now. According to Billboard, her Rock This Country tour came in second on this week’s Hot Tours list (Kenny Chesney finished first). So far Twain’s final tour has earned a total of $40 million dollars, but she’s currently taking a short break from raking in the green before resuming her tour on September 12 in Spokane, Washington.

So has Shania Twain inspired you to go vegetarian, or does her meatless diet not impress you much?

[Featured Image credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty]