Grumpy Cat Pettishly Models For Wax Figure, And Other Famous Cats

Grumpy cat posed for her likeness to be recreated in honor of her celebrity status in the world, it was reported by the official Grumpy Cat website.

"Grumpy Cat is one of the most successful animal Internet stars, with her own Christmas movie on Lifetime."
What we can all learn from this honor is that Grumpy Cat underscores our addiction to cats, and it is in the spirit of Grumpy Cat and her immortalization in wax, that we survey ten famous cats which all deserve a monument for their status as truly extraordinary cats.

1. Bart -- Also known as zombie cat, Bart survived an accident, but was buried alive. Bart clawed his way out of the dirt and now stalks the living. There is a controversy over the ownership of this cat.

2. Colonel Meow -- This cat became famous for having the Guinness World Record for the longest hair on a cat. Social Media took to his dark personality. Died 2014.3. CC (Copy Cat, or Carbon Cat) -- This cat is the first cloned cat. Hail to this carbon copy cat who deserves love no matter its genetic origin.4. Grumpy Cat -- Although Grumpy Cat is afflicted with an underbite and feline dwarfism, this has given Grumpy cat the character of complete disdain for everything, an emotion we've all shared.5. Heed -- This is a cat considered by Guinness World Records as one contender for the title "smallest cat."

6. Oscar -- A cat with bionic legs, having survived an accident in 2009.

7. Scarlett -- This cat became famous when she selflessly saved her kittens one by one in a fire in Brooklyn NY. The cat suffered serious burns in the process. She earned the name Scarlett by the fireman who found her and went on to serve as an example of the selfless devotion of motherly love.

8. Tara -- This family cat from Bakersfield, California, defended a four-year-old from a vicious dog attack and subsequently became a "viral Internet sensation" in 2014 after camera footage from security cameras was released which showed it. The cat recently won a Hero Dog award.9. Tiffany Two -- This cat is the oldest living feline, aged 27 years, per Guinness World Records, and has died as of June 5, 2015.10. Towser "The Mouser" -- This is the best hunter of all cats, as recognised by the Guinness World Records, for catching a record 28,899 mice. Below is a video shot of the famous statue.

Thank you, Grumpy Cat, for being part of the great cats list. All cats deserve a monument, but this list is just some of the bright stars.

Do you know an extraordinary cat? Use the comment box below to tell us about him/her and include a link to their picture if you like.

[Photo courtesy of Grumpy Cat website]