Emma Watson Embraces A New Cause, Calls For Ethical Fashion

Emma Watson steps out on the red carpet, or more appropriately, the green carpet, to promote her new film Regression.

Watson, who has made herself known in the fashion industry by being featured on many best-dressed lists, is using the press tour for her new film to advocate Eco-friendly fashion. Emma took to Instagram to kickstart the campaign.

“Inspired to consider the whole process of creating a fashion look, we are thinking about all the people, pieces and moving parts! This rack includes designers that are considering local craft and production, artisan skills, the environment, sustainability and the longevity of fashion!”

The movement Watson is supporting is know as the Green Carpet Challenge, or GCC. The GCC uses high-profile celebrities and well-publicized events, like Watson and her new movie, to encourage the use of sustainable style and environmentally friendly designs. Its aim involves “pairing glamour and ethics to raise the profile of sustainability, ethics and social welfare”.

Vanity Fair reports that Watson was inspired by The True Cost, a documentary released by the GCC and directed by Andrew Morgan. The film “explores the disturbing underbelly of ‘fast fashion.'”

Emma urges designers to use not only chemical-free and non-fur materials but also to utilize ethical business practices concerning the workers. Watson has been modeling designs by those who vow to implement the standards of the GCC. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of Emma in designs that were manufactured using fur-free and chemical-free materials and in studios that are designed to protect employees’ health.

Emma Watson: new cause
Emma Watson Models Eco-friendly Fashion
Emma Watson: new cause
Emma Watson models Eco-friendly fashion
Emma Watson: Eco-friendly fashion
Emma Watson's new Eco-friendly fashion cause

Watson is a known advocate for social movements and equality. Vogue recently featured a video of Emma leading a discussion on gender equality in the fashion industry. In the video, Watson talks about her campaign, HeForShe, and her desire for positive change. A handful of designers join Emma as she prompts them to explore their thoughts on gender equality.

Emma hopes to use her influence to promote these two causes, especially concerning the GCC movement whose film, The True Cost, showcases the barbarity of fast fashion. Vanity Fair quoted a review of the film written by the New York Times, which expresses the lament that this film won’t reach the young consumers who need to see it most. Luckily, Watson’s influence reaches into the very echelons the review refers to.

With the weight Emma carries in not only the fashion industry but also the film industry, she’s sure to successfully promote her new cause. It’s great to see a celebrity use her fame and influence for good. Make sure to check out the documentary The True Cost to see what inspired Emma to be environmentally friendly in her fashion choices.

Regression, the psychological thriller starring Emma Watson, will be released to theaters December 31.

[Photos Courtesy of Emma Watson/Instagram and Larry Busacca/Getty Images]