David Cook Loses Record Deal With RCA, But Remains Positive

Last week, former American Idol winner David Cook returned to the stage that made him famous to perform his new track, The Last Song I’ll Write For You. Things were looking good for Cook, but then, barely a week later, his record label, RCA, dropped him.

Cook released two albums under the RCA label, each raking in a respectable amount of sales, but David’s label opted not to re-sign him for a third album. Cook is keeping a positive attitude about it, but after his recent Idol performance he admitted he didn’t really know where to go from here.

“If someone wants to hop on board and get behind [my new album], then great, let’s talk about it,” Cook said. “I just love making music and however I’m gonna do that is however I’m gonna do that.”

In another interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cook seemed a bit more optimistic about being dropped by RCA, saying that he rather enjoys the freedom to write whatever music he wants that comes with not being signed to a record label. Still, that doesn’t mean he plans to cut ties with the television series that made him famous–Cook promised to maintain a connection with American Idol.

For more from that interview, including where David Cook will be moving to, you can check out THR’s lengthy interview with the former Idol winner below.