Linda Hogan And Charlie Hill Break Up

Linda Hogan has booted toyboy Charlie Hill out of her Florida home, after the 23-year-old Hill apparently refused to get a job.

Hogan is the ex-wife of wrestling legend Hulk, and at 52 years old is almost three decades older than Charlie. The pair got together when Hill was just 19 and she was 48. Amazingly, it didn’t work out, though four years is probably more than we might have expected.

An insider told the National Enquirer:

“Linda got sick and tired of telling Charlie to get a job and kicked him out. And her friends and family are thrilled that the slacker is gone. Linda had high hopes for Charlie at first, but a VH1 reality show pitch about her life after Hulk and relationship with a man almost 30 years younger went nowhere. In the end, all she got with Charlie was a big mooch and a lot bigger waistline!”

The Enquirer‘s mole added that Hogan, who appeared in the VH1 series ‘Hogan Knows Best,’ has put on 40 pounds since being with Charlie, and now weighs in at around 180.

Apparently, her new mission is to shed weight and find a rich fellow who can keep her in the high life. The source added:

“[Linda] is complaining that she’s out of money and needs a wealthy man who can treat her in the manner she was accustomed to. She wants to start a new life. She’s determined to lose weight and find a good, rich man closer to her age.”