‘MDLLA’ Heather Bilyeu Talks Calling Off Wedding To Josh Altman

It seems that viewers will see Heather Bilyeau and Josh Altman strengthen their relationship on Season 8 of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, which premieres next Wednesday. In an interview with Reality Tea, posted on Wednesday, Heather gushed about Josh and talked about how calling off their wedding has actually improved their relationship.

Heather said that canceling the wedding ended up being great for the relationship. She believes that if she and Josh did get married, they may not still be together now.

“I’m really happy we made that decision together to postpone the wedding because it just didn’t feel right. I felt empowered by the decision at the end of the day, as weird as that sounds, and I felt a huge relief also. That was a really, really emotional time for me. There was just so much going on and it was really chaotic. I almost went through with the wedding and I feel like if I would have Josh and I might not be together. Or our relationship wouldn’t be where it is now.”

Viewers saw Heather and Josh reach the decision to call off their wedding last season. Heather admitted that watching the episodes was stressful but also made her grateful.

“You don’t want to go down that path again to when you postponed your wedding and had your relationship almost fall apart. But it just reminds you to be happy, and in the moment, and trust your gut.”

Last season, Heather and Josh started arguing over their wedding when Josh stopped participating in the planning process. He even left a wedding cake tasting early in order to attend to a house listing. Heather felt as if Josh’s inattentiveness over the wedding was indicative of him no longer making her and their relationship a priority in his life.

In one scene from last season, Heather confessed to Josh that she feels that he has changed. When Josh said that he’s working very hard now so that everything can be in place when they have a family, Heather countered that she and everybody else knows that he’ll be obsessed with work no matter how much money he has. Heather confessed to the camera that work is Josh’s top priority.

“As the wedding got closer, I saw a whole other side of Josh. He dropped a lot of the wedding planning on my lap and it’s been really stressful for me. Work is his life. That’s his number one passion, and I want to be the priority in Josh’s life, so I realize we have much bigger issues that we have to deal with before we get married.”

While Josh’s devotion to his career has caused some problems for their relationship, Heather does admire him for what he has accomplished. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Heather expressed admiration for Josh’s dedication, passion, and ambition via an Instagram post about a month ago.

Heather Bilyeau’s Reality Tea interview did not discuss whether she and Josh Altman have set a new date for their wedding or if they are even thinking about getting married again. That may be because they’re also debating when to have kids. The preview for the new season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles shows Heather getting upset with Josh after he says that he doesn’t have time to have kids now.

[Photo by Todd Oren / Getty Images]