Bill Wisth, Hungry Man, Stages Protest Against All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry

Say hello to Bill Wisth, America’s new champion of consumer rights and first-world problem-sufferer. Bill here has taken to protesting against a local fish fry, Chuck’s Place, after the all-you-can-eat restaurant refused to provide all-Bill-can-eat quantities of food.

The Wisconsin establishment holds an all-you-can-eat evening every Friday, and Bill is a regular. Yet trouble arose at one recent evening when Chuck’s Place decided to cut Bill off after he had finished a meager twelve pieces of fish.

The fish fry offered Bill an additional eight pieces of fish to take home, but an incensed Wisth wouldn’t listen to such reasoning – instead, he has now pledged to picket the restaurant every Sunday with a rather natty sign.

Bill will only back down when … well, his battle conditions aren’t absolutely clear, but he did tell local reporter Annie Scholz that he felt consumers should stand up more for their rights.

Alas, Bill may not have much of a leg to stand on. A Chuck’s waitress appears in the news report (embedded below) and mentions that Bill has a running tab with Chuck’s. Yeah, bit rich that, Bill.

Despite his anger with the restaurant, Wisth does credit the eatery with having some of the best deep dish pizza in the area.