‘Fatal Flip’: Lifetime Movie Focuses On Crazed House Flipper Starring Tatyana Ali, Could Be Inspired By True Story

Fatal Flip is a brand new original movie that will premiere on Lifetime Saturday. Fatal Flip stars Dominique Swain, Mike Faiola, Michael Steger, and Tatyana Ali, according to The Internet Movie Database (IMDB). Directed by Maureen Bharoocha and written by Ellen Huggins, Fatal Flip centers around an innocent couple who decide to purchase a rundown home that needs fixing up. They have the skills to do it and plan to spend all of their time trying to renovate the house. Things go wrong when they realize that fixing up an old property is not an easy task, leading them to hire a streetwise contractor named Nate.

Mar Vista Entertainment is a production company whose movies are usually inspired by true stories. Though Fatal Flip is not advertised as a true story, it is very similar to a case involving a couple who was shot to death over a home property dispute.

Maureen 'Susie' Modlin was in a dispute with her ex boyfriend over a fixer upper home. David Myers killed Maureen and her new boyfriend.

According to Acquitter, 58-year old Maureen ‘Susie’ Modlin and her boyfriend, 60-year old Michael Bistranin, were fatally shot in their Venice home in 2000. The killing was the result of a home property dispute between the deceased couple and the killer, who was identified as David Myers. 60-year old Myers was the former boyfriend of Maureen.

Years earlier, Maureen and David had moved into a home that was a fixer upper. David was making the renovations on their dream home, but the money ran out, and so did David’s credit. This created a strain on the relationship. The two ended their romantic relationship, but they still took care of the property. The financial hardship caused Maureen’s mother to step in to help her daughter by taking out a loan. The loan caused an even greater financial strain on David and Maureen. Somehow, the home was transferred out of David’s name because of his poor credit.

David had become aggressive, causing a judge to kick him out of his own home—a property that he had fixed up and invested in. A short time later, Maureen Modlin moved another boyfriend named Michael Bistranin into the house. This infuriated David Myers more. He began spying on the couple using his camera equipment, as well as harassing them.

The already stressful situation got worse when Maureen Modlin and Michael Bistranin went missing. Their bodies were found a few hours later in the woods behind the home. Maureen was buried in a shallow grave, and Michael Bistranin was found near his car. Both died of gunshot wounds. David Myers was convicted and sentenced to life in prison due to his mental instability, according to The Herald Tribune.

Fatal Flip could be partially inspired by this case. It certainly has many elements of the true story. Tune in to Lifetime on Saturday at 8 p.m.

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“Jeff and Alex have just purchased their first property to flip, maxing out their credit and placing them on a tight deadline before their first mortgage payment is due. To save costs, the couple decides to take on a third party to renovate the property with the promise of payment after they’ve sold the home. They settle on freelance carpenter Nate, who initially seems like a godsend. Jeff, however, becomes suspicious of Nate’s handyman abilities and growing affection for Alex. With the deadline for the mortgage looming, Nate and Alex bond over the remaining tasks, which drives a wedge into Jeff and Alex’s relationship. But as the couple comes to realize that Nate has sinister intentions, will it be too late to correct their error in judgment, or will they be forced to defend their property and lives in a flip showdown to the death?”

Fatal Flip Trailer

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