Milwaukee Beating Video: White Woman Attacked By Black Couple For Being In The ‘Wrong Hood’

Video of a brutal beating in Milwaukee has gone viral, showing what appears to be a black couple in a racially motivated attack against a white woman.

The confrontation took place outside of a gas station on the city’s north side last week. A woman standing outside the store is brutally punched by a man and falls to the ground. Another black woman then joins the beating as both she and the original attacker kick the woman in the head.

As he continued kicking the woman, the male attacker repeatedly shouted, “Wrong hood, b***h. Wrong hood, b***h.”

The attack finally stopped when another passerby — who also happened to be black — stepped in and got between the attackers and the woman. The victim appeared dazed but was conscious when the attack ended.

Video of the Milwaukee beating has hit the internet, going viral on LiveLeak and making headlines across the country.

The motivation for the Milwaukee beating is not entirely clear. Before the video started the woman may have had a confrontation with the original attacker, who is heard shouting something at her just before he unleashed the beating.

The incident is now making waves in Milwaukee, with local leaders decrying the attack.

“To see that actually all go down actually made me feel sorry. This is a human issue,” Community Activist Tory Lowe told Fox 6 Now.

Lowe said that video of the brutal beating, though difficult to watch, is important to address racial tensions.

“What we could learn from it is what not to do. How not to address issues, how to see what it shouldn’t look like,” said Lowe.

The Milwaukee beating video comes as racial tensions in the Milwaukee city appear to be high. Local leaders have called for systemic changes to address racial issues, Fox 6 Now reported, and the city has taken on an active Black Lives Matter movement.

But others stand on the other side of the issues. Former Milwaukee police commander David Clarke called out Black Lives Matter protesters during a recent Fox News visit.

“They created this monster, now they realize that, if you cannot continue to feed the beast, the beast will turn on you and eat you. And that’s what’s going on here. Sean, let’s take a look at this group, this Black Lives Matter, which I have renamed ‘Black Lies Matter,’ and the reason I have is because, this is the bastard child, as you know, of the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot.’ The whole thing is built on a lie. The whole premise is built on a lie. But it’s a conglomeration of misfits…”

The victim of the Milwaukee beating has not come forward, and the attackers have not been identified.

[Image via LiveLeak]