Vester Flanagan’s Apartment Filled With Photos Of Himself And Not Much Else [Watch]

Vester Flanagan’s apartment consisted of little more than a bare mattress, a computer on a stand next to a plastic chair, and a multitude of photos of himself used as decorations. The media was recently given a glimpse into the WDBJ killer’s apartment, the Daily Mail reports.

Bryce Williams, as Vester Flanagan was known on television, lived just a few blocks away from the WDBJ television station, the Sun reports. Local chamber of commerce representative Vicki Gardner survived the shooting and is currently sharing the details she recalled from the killings conducted on live television.

Virginia shooting

Flanagan, 41, shot himself as police closed in to apprehend the Virginia shooting suspect who broadcast his crime on social media. His family knew that he was gay and accepted his sexuality, the Daily Mail also notes.

Photos from Flanagan’s apartment also include images of a sizable amount of tea candles adorning the bathroom. A plastic chair sits in front of his computer, which has an opened tower panel with wires dangling out from the sides.

There were possibly two cats living in the apartment with the former WDBJ journalist. A neighbor told the media that when Roanoke area police officers arrived at the apartment complex, cat feces had been smeared on the door and the carpets inside were soaked in their pungent urine. Some neighbors also claimed that Flanagan had also thrown feces from his balcony.

Two 12-inch black sex toys, “with evidence they had been used,” were also found in the apartment.

Vester Flanagan grew up in Oakland, California, where he graduated from a public high school. There were reportedly no photos of his family members inside the apartment or any other commonly kept personal decorative items — other than the modeling photos of himself.

Flanagan had allegedly distanced himself from his family in recent years. Cousin Guynell Flanagan said the last time she had seen the gunman behind the Virginia shootings was at a Thanksgiving dinner in 2013. His former prom date told the media that none of his former high school pals even realized that he had moved east or was going by the name Bryce Williams.

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