Tamra Judge’s Custody Battle With Simon Barney Continues, Daughter Doesn’t Want To Spend Time With ‘RHOC’ Mom?

Tamra Judge and her ex-husband, Simon Barney, are involved in an ongoing custody battle involving their oldest daughter, Sidney. Although the former couple reportedly shares custody of their two youngest children, the Real Housewives of Orange County star’s relationship with her oldest child has been strained, and in the latest development, via a Radar Online report on August 28, Sidney has allegedly requested she not be forced to spend time with Tamra Judge.

In court documents shared by Radar, it was revealed Sidney made an appearance at Tamra Judge’s latest court date with Barney and “expressed a desire to speak with the court.”

Recently, a court ordered Sidney to attend therapy with her mother, Tamra Judge, but according to the documents, Sidney is not on board with the idea. And, when she met with a judge, the judge found Sidney was “extraordinary [sic] reluctant to see and have a relationship with her mother.”

The judge also noted Sidney’s father, Barney, who was married to Tamra Judge when she first joined The Real Housewives of Orange County, was “not involved in any alienating conduct in this case.”

In addition, documents state “it is clear” Sidney “does NOT wish to participate and will not go to ‘Overcoming Barrios’ [sic] with her [Tamra Judge].” On the Overcoming Barriers website, the program is described as a one-day intervention “when children resist contact with a parent,” according to Radar.

The court concluded “it is not in the best interest” of Sidney to force her into therapy with Tamra Judge.

As Radar Online previously reported, Sidney has made her ill feelings towards Tamra Judge clear in the past. Last year, the teen went into a tirade on Twitter, telling Tamra Judge to “stop lying about everything” and claiming Barney was “a great dad” despite Tamra Judge’s allegations against him.

Around the same time, as Radar Online also revealed, leaked text messages between Tamra Judge and her daughter were shared in court.

“You treat me like sh*t,” Tamra Judge reportedly wrote to her daughter. “What have I done to you that you hate your own mother?”

In response, Sidney said, “Wait, so what you’re saying is you don’t think us kids went through a hard time in the divorce? Well, your [sic] acting like your going through such a hard time and we have the easy life…. I can’t talk to you cuz I can’t trust you… Cuz u break promises.”

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