WWE News: Dudley Boyz Said To Have Signed Full-Time WWE Deals, Set For WWE Tag Team Title Run?

The Dudley Boyz made their shocking return to WWE this past week on WWE RAW when they came out and attacked new WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day. It was a moment no one saw coming. WWE kept it a secret all day, with both Bubba Ray and D-Von hidden from people around the arena and even WWE talent. So the return was a legit shock to many in the back as well as the fans. This is most likely why the news didn’t leak that they were returning that night.

It is said that The Dudleys will have a match with The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championships soon. The idea going around is that The New Day will face the Prime Time Players and Dudleys for the titles at WWE Night of Champions. This very well could change, but it is the plan as of right now.

It also looks like The Dudleys weren’t lying about being back on RAW this past Monday when they yelled it to the Prime Time Players. PWInsider reports that the duo have signed a multi-year contract with WWE. While this wasn’t confirmed at the time of the original report, it does appear that The Dudleys did sign some sort of long-term deal, as they have been announced the following live event dates, according to Daily Wrestling News.

Montreal, QC – September 18th
Beaumont, TX – Sep 19th
Toronto, ON – Sep 25th
Rochester, NY – Sep 26th
Syracuse, NY- Sep 27th
Trenton, NJ – Oct 2nd
Worcester MA – Oct 4th
Saint Louis, MO – Oct 10th
Bloomington, IL – Oct 11th

Of course, they are also set for the big Madison Square Garden live event set to air on the WWE Network later this year.

The Dudleys being back with the WWE will help the company a great deal. Not only will they help the tag team scene a good bit, but they’ll be able to help some of the younger teams along. The fact that a team can work with arguably the greatest tag team in history is a huge thing to say. If a team beats The Dudleys, that can give them instant credibility.

While we can expect The Dudleys to win a good bit, they, of course, have to lose some as well.

It is said that The Dudleys will be WWE Tag Team Champions before their run with WWE is over. It is said that the two are wanting to retire with WWE, and that very well might be what WWE is hoping as well. They both own a school where they teach talent, but it seems Bubba wants to work with WWE once his in-ring career is over. This could be great. However, both need to clearly do well in this final run to make any sort of outside ring role work out for them.

The WWE Hall of Fame has been discussed for The Dudleys next year, however, there is a thought that WWE could wait another year due to the potential big names already discussed for the 2016 line-up.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]