June 29, 2017
Fredrik Eklund Gets Ready To Become A Dad -- To Twins?

Fredrik Eklund has been gushing about his future daughter Milla for years. He has always pictured a blue-eyed, brown-haired daughter who was running around his New York apartment. Fredrik always wanted a daughter, but his husband, Derek Kaplan, showed concerned a few years ago. He was worried that Eklund wouldn't be able to slow down and would force Derek into the role of being a stay-at-home father.

But Fredrik Eklund managed to convince Derek that he could slow down to enjoy life. Not everything in life is about real estate, and starting a family was on the list of priorities. Now, the two are patiently waiting for their baby to arrive via surrogate. But this morning, both Eklund and Kaplan shared something on social media that confused all of their followers -- in a good way.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund could be hinting that he won't just have one daughter coming. Fredrik hasn't said much about the arrival of his daughter, but it is possible that the arrival will happen this year and that he could be getting more than one baby.

"Soon," Fredrik Eklund shared on Instagram this morning with a picture of two children.

In the description, Fredrik shared a heart, the name of his husband, and an emoticon with two parents and two children.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute...Fredrik, is this your way of announcing twins?" one follower wrote to Eklund, while another got excited with the message, "twins!?!"

And it sounded like many of his fans were thrilled for him and Kaplan. The two revealed that they were looking for eggs and surrogates while filming Million Dollar Listing: New York, and it sounds like the process has been somewhat smooth for them. Fredrik will often tweet that he is excited about becoming a father and teasing that his baby will arrive "soon." Soon could be this fall or it could be next year.

"I bet this was the exciting news you just had that made you jump for joy. If so, congrats Fredrik & Hubby," a third follower wrote, while a fourth added, "So happy for you both!! Can't wait to meet your little ones. You are so genuine and so brave to share your journey with us. Parenthood is the best!!"

Fredrik Eklund hasn't actually confirmed anything, but both Fredrik and his husband Derek shared the news on social media this morning with the exact same message, picture, and the same emoticons. Clearly, this was a planned announcement, so it is indeed very possible that they are teasing the arrival of twins very soon.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund possibly having twins?

[Image via Instagram]