Tourist Tricks Hungry Monkey Into Picking Up Lit Firecracker, Blowing Off Its Finger

A tourist tricked a hungry monkey into picking up a lit firecracker, thinking it was food, and video of the disturbing incident is now going viral online.

The footage allegedly came from an animal park in Malaysia, showing a macaque monkey eating food near a group of people. While the monkey, named Michai, sat on a ledge waiting for more food, someone off-camera threw a small plastic bag that appeared to be filled with snacks of some sort.

The monkey went to work trying to open the bag, but just a few seconds later the firecracker exploded, sending the monkey running off. A man could be heard laughing in the background as the wounded animal escaped.

Footage of the sickening prank made its way to YouTube and has since gone viral. The Independent reported that the monkey badly injured its hand in the explosion, even losing one of its fingers.

Animal officials have criticized the incident, calling it “detestable” to attack an innocent and vulnerable animal.

“It is detestable that anyone would derive enjoyment from tormenting an animal who asked only for a morsel of food,” said Elisa Allen, Associate Director for PETA UK.

The monkey injured by the firecracker is reportedly well known. Tourists often see Michai in the wildlife park, and regularly give him bits of food.

Michai was reportedly treated by animal doctors, and his injury has left people around the globe angry. The hashtag #JusticeForMichai went viral after footage of the attack surfaced.

There are also conflicting reports on what happened to the monkey after it was thrown a firecracker. An update on a LiveLeak video reportedly from local officials claimed that Michai died:

“The story of the ape’s hand when hit by a firecracker injuries. The incident took place last month in Taman TAR, Ampang. Ape named Michai by the NGO in charge of the area due to hand injuries are unscrupulous individuals threw firecrackers ball. Michai who thought it was food and fireworks take the last firecracker exploded in his hand. More heartbreaking Michai been infringed run last that Saturday and suffered severe internal injuries. Attempts to save the animals brought to the clinic failed and Michai was dead. “

Video of the attack can be seen below, but be warned that it is graphic and may be disturbing to sensitive viewers.