‘Days of Our Lives’ 50th Anniversary Sneak Peek Video Released

Days of Our Lives fans are in for a treat. NBC has released a sneak peek promotional video for the big upcoming 50th anniversary of the soap, and loyal viewers couldn’t be more excited.

In the sneak peek, old footage of great Days of Our Lives moments is shown, along with new footage of the upcoming serial killing plot and the return of fan favorite characters such as Bo Brady, Steve “Patch” Johnson, Sami Brady, Shawn Brady, and Andre DiMera.

People Magazine reports that in the soap’s 50-year run, the Brady and Horton families have nearly seen it all, but they somehow always manage to come out on top. As the official anniversary grows nearer (it’s in November), the story lines are getting better, and there is a general feeling of excitement among fans.

The new teaser encourages fans to “remember the love that inspired you,” as clips of John and Marlena and Bo and Hope are shown. The video also states “Remember the story that stayed with you” as countless amazing moments from Days of Our Lives come rushing back to longtime viewers.

Then, the new footage begins to air. Rafe is heard saying “We have a serial killer on the loose in Salem” as a figure, dressed in black, sneaks up behind Marlena Evans and begins strangling her. Next, Chad DiMera is seen beaten and lying in a hospital bed claiming he “didn’t kill anyone” and begs Abigail to believe him.

Meanwhile, Aiden is seen proposing to girlfriend Hope Brady, and later she reveals that she “can’t say yes” to his marriage offer as he throws a fit over losing Hope. Then the drama kicks in.

Julie is seen hitting someone over the head at Hope’s house, Bo is seen seemingly being held prisoner somewhere, Ben is fighting someone in his apartment (possibly Chad), and perhaps the most shocking of all, Sami Brady is seen being taken by a group of men who lead her to none other than Stefano’s son, Andre DiMera, who was long thought to be dead. Meanwhile, Hope is being attacked by the serial killer but seems to stab him while defending herself.

Scenes of familiar faces returning home are then shown. Fans can hear Marlena saying “The years we spent together are the happiest years of my life” as flashes of the reunions continue and couples tell one another that they love each other.

The video ends with Hope Brady saying “I’m excited to see what the future’s going to bring” as most Days of Our Lives fans can agree that they are too!

Meanwhile, the Wrap reports that the first of the big reunions comes on Friday as Steve “Patch” Johnson returns to Salem and comes face to face with his ex-wife, Kayla Brady.

Viewers will not want to miss any of the upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives, as they will some of the best episodes seen in years and hopefully not only bring former fans back to Salem, but new viewers as well.

What are your thoughts on Days of Our Lives 50th-anniversary promo video?

[Photo By: Jesse Grant/Getty Images]