Ohio Police Chief Robert Hickman’s Confederate Flag Vest Photo Sparks Backlash

Ohio Police Chief Robert Hickman refuses to apologize for wearing a Confederate flag vest. The Port Clinton Police Chief wore the flag vest while off duty and during a vacation in South Dakota, WKYC reports.

Chief Robert Hickman does not consider the Confederate flag to be a symbol of racism, and many of the members of his Ohio county have uttered their support for the police official. Hickman does not have a “racist bone in his body,” according to comments by some Port Clinton residents, per an MSN report.

port clintn police chief robert hickman
Port Clinton Police Chief Robert Hickman Confederate Flag vest controversy.

“I think he was just wearing a shirt. Out having a good time one day, and that is basically it,” resident Bryan Meek stated during an interview with the local news station. “I have known Rob since before kindergarten, basically my whole life. And I could tell you, that there is not a racist bone in his body.”

Sandusky NAACP president Jim Jackson feels the wearing of a Confederate flag vest by the Port Clinton Police Chief is an act of racism, according to the Sandusky Register.

“There are likely very few Americans who don’t understand that symbol,” Jim Jackson claims. “You can’t be ignorant because every individual in America understands what that flag means. With all of the things that have transpired in the news recently you have to know what that flag represents.”

Many of those who support the flying, wearing, or displaying of the Confederate flag feel the Civil War era flag represents states rights, southern pride, and heritage. In the wake of the flag bans, removals, and store shelf yanking after the Charleston church shootings, another flag movement has surfaced.

Chief Rob Hickman’s Confederate glag vest has sparked backlash not just against himself, but his wife, Roseann, who is running for city council.

“I will not discuss my personal Facebook page, which has a privacy setting for my friends only,” Roseann Hickman said in response to media questions posed regarding photos posted of herself and her husband. “Our private life is not open for discussion.”

Much like Jackson’s belief that “everyone” knows the true meaning of the Confederate flag, many would steadfastly contend that all people should agree that the American flag represents freedom – but apparently that just is not so. The #F***YoFlag movement has gone viral on Twitter. Those involved in the campaign frequently take photos of themselves “wiping their a**” with the Stars and Stripes. They deem Old Glory a symbol of “repression” and “imperialism.” The #notmyflag and #F***YoFlag hashtags are used when photos of Americans.

What do you think of the Port Clinton Police Chief wearing a Confederate flag vest? Is the American flag going to be the next target of a ban?

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