Ashley Madison CEO Bolts: ‘King Of Infidelity’ Leaves Avid Life Media — Did He Cheat On His Wife?

The Ashley Madison saga continues with the CEO of the adultery website’s parent company leaving his position at Avid Life Media. Noel Biderman, the self-proclaimed “King of Infidelity,” has been under fire for failing to delete member accounts after the site was hacked in mid-July — and he may be caught up in a cheating scandal of his own.

NBC reports that a statement issued by Avid Life Media states Noel Biderman‘s departure is “in the best interest of the company,” and the company will be led by a “senior management team” until a new CEO is in place.

“This change is in the best interest of the company and allows us to continue to provide support to our members and dedicated employees. We are steadfast in our commitment to our customer base.”

In addition to the members’ personal information that was leaked out online, and Avid Life Media’s promise to delete the information for anyone who paid a fee, the BBC reports that almost 200,000 of Biderman’s emails were released online.

According Perez Hilton, the emails indicate that the 44-year-old married father of two may have been a cheater as well. Sources state that Biderman allegedly had online conversations with “at least three other women” and may have tried to get jobs at Avid Life Media for one or more of the women.

In 2010, Biderman told the New Zealand Herald that he would “never cheat” on his wife, Amanda, and would be “devastated” if she cheated on him. However, he wouldn’t blame the affair on “a website” or his wife, he would question himself.

“There is no way I would blame it on an inanimate object like a website or say it was the hotel room or the cellphone company’s fault. I wouldn’t even blame my wife or her lover – I’d look in the mirror and ask myself, ‘How did I fail in my relationship?”‘

Now that Noel Biderman has stepped down from his position as CEO of Avid Life Media, what’s next for Ashley Madison? It appears that the company has no intention to cave to the hacker’s threats and pull the site down.

NBC reports that amidst the leak of their members information, Avid Life Media is “adjusting their security levels” and will continue to provide access to their cheating website for their “worldwide members.”

[Image: Noel Biderman/Twitter]