Farrah Abraham Already in Cat Fights in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House

Farrah Abraham just revealed that she has joined the show, Celebrity Big Brother, in the UK. Of course, that means that the drama has started as well. Wet Paint shared the news that Farrah already got into a cat fight with Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton. Abraham was not happy that Hamilton won the first task in the house, and when it came time for her party, she didn’t let Farrah come along.

While the party was going on, Farrah had to go to the Celebrity Big Brother tower with Fat Man Scoop and Daniel Baldwin. That did not go over well with her, and as Farrah sauntered out of the room, she said “Party on, B**ch.” That was just the start of the drama between Natasha and Farrah. It is obvious that things between these two are just going to continue to be strained, which, of course, will make for great television.

Daily Star elaborated on the fight, and Farrah Abraham is not the only one who was unhappy about not being invited to the party. Scoop was shocked that they were done dirty like that, but the show’s production team did make Hamilton choose three people that couldn’t go to the party. Farrah pointed out that she knows exactly who did this to her, and that means things are not going to go well for Hamilton in the house if Ms. Abraham has her way about it. Abraham went on to explain that she thinks Natasha already hated her.

“It’s a shame and you walk in the door, oh you weren’t there, shame when you walk in the door and she’s so immature and has to go ‘oh I watched you’ and then goes and talks to our American teammate and is so dramatic. And I don’t know her name because I don’t watch her like she watches me.”

Farrah Abraham even went as far as to say that it must be a bad party if Natasha was out there. This was just the first night in the Celebrity Big Brother house so it is likely this cat fight isn’t anywhere near over, and these two will probably be out to evict the other as soon as possible. Rumor has it that Farrah will do anything she can to win this show.

Natasha and Farrah were at each other all night in the Celebrity Big Brother house and just couldn’t let it go. Abraham went as far as to call Hamilton a skank and say that she needs mental help. It did not take long at all for the drama to start. Fans in the USA are really missing out by not getting to see Farrah Abraham and Natasha Hamilton fight it out this season, but one of them may find a way to get the other one evicted sooner rather than later. Farrah is doing exactly what they wanted from her, though, and making drama for this season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Picture Source: Ian Gavan/Getty Images