Mississippi State University Student Who Threatened To Kill Self And Harm Others, Arrested – Did He Even Have A Gun?

A student, who threatened to kill himself and harm others at a Mississippi State University, was taken into custody on Thursday. His threats prompted the school to swing into action and take necessary precautionary measures to ensure the safety of its students.

The lockdown of Mississippi State University was lifted once law enforcement officials managed to apprehend the culprit, who wasn’t in possession of a gun, confirmed university president Mark Keenum during a press conference.

Admiring the response from the police, Keenum said, “Our police department reacted immediately. Within minutes, campus police took Fhu-Qui Kong ‘Bill’ Nguyen, a freshman from Madison, Mississippi, into custody.”

However, it was undoubtedly a harrowing time for students, who inadvertently aided the panic by speculating about the number of “shooters” roaming menacingly around the campus. The campus continually issued alerts and asked the students to seek safety. Following protocol, most of the classes had their doors barricaded.

The warnings continued for about half an hour and stopped after the freshman was arrested. None of the members of faculty or students on the 20,000-student campus in Starkville were hurt in any way, and the campus was then cleared to resume normal afternoon activities, reported MSN.

The Mississippi State University said there had been no reports of shots fired or any injuries, but somehow some students heard gunshots. Students seemed to be panicked over the developing situation, with some tweeting messages that there were two shooters on campus and two people dead, reported the International Business Times.

There’s no confirmation about why the active shooter situation, which later turned out to be a hoax, developed in the first place. But the university deftly handled the situation, keeping students and faculty updated about the shooter. The freshman’s whereabouts were regularly announced and so was his arrest. The investigation into the rather strange case of trying to spread panic without possessing a weapon is currently on.

[Image Credit | Wesley Hitt / Getty Images]