Manson Follower Parole: Bruce Davis Leaving Prison After 43 Years?

Charles Manson follower might get paroled after spending 43 years in prison. Bruce Davis has been to 30 parole hearings and on Thursday board officials recommended letting the 72-year-old man out of prison. Davis is serving a life sentence for two first-degree murder convictions and conspiracy to commit murder and robbery charges.

Bruce Davis was convicted for the 1969 murders of stuntman Donald “Shorty” Shea and musician Gary Hinman, MSN reports. The Manson follower parole recommendation has been issued three times before. Davis is currently incarcerated at the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo, Fox News reports.

manson follower parole
Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis has been recommended for parole. Three past such recommendations by the parole board have been denied by California governors.

The past three Charles Manson follower parole recommendations for Bruce Davis were blocked. Former governors Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger denied the request by the parole board. In 2014, Governor Brown stated that in spite of his increasing age, Davis still remains a threat. The California governor has five months before a decision in the most recent parole board recommendation must be acted upon.

During his time behind bars, Bruce Davis has reportedly become a born-again Christian and earned a doctoral degree in the philosophy of religion. The Manson disciple now ministers to other convicts.

“I am pleased that the board again followed the law and did the right thing, and I am hopeful that the governor will do likewise,” Bruce Davis’ attorney, Michael Beckman, said.

Davis was not involved in the horrific murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others. Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney John Morris steadfastly believes that Davis’ role in the murders, which did not garner as many national headlines at the time, is just cause to deny yet another request for parole.

“The heinousness of the crimes held Southern California in the grip of fear for months,” Morris added. “The reason for the crimes was to incite the race war of Helter Skelter.”

Charles Manson believed the famous Beatles song was a call to ignite a massive race war between blacks and whites. Manson was able to convince his cult followers that the murders conducted by the group would start just such a race war and ultimately benefit their “family.”

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