October 17, 2017
Niall Horan Chosen For Charity Projects, Open For More During 1D Break

In the days since One Direction announced that they would take a break in 2016, there have been many speculations about what Niall Horan will do next.

While Niall Horan always seems to be juggling a lot of options outside of One Direction, charity has had an enduring place in his heart -- and it is likely to become more prominent

In particular, Niall Horan-related solo projects seem to have a sports focus, and he is often photographed with major players. However, there is a chance that Niall Horan is steering his 1D break toward sports stars because he wants to do "more charity football" events, according to an August 14 report by Gossie.

Naturally, if Niall Horan became more involved with charities, it would not surprise fans. Over the past year, Niall Horan has had several opportunities to show that he has a heart of gold.

Nevertheless, fans may not always see Niall Horan in the headlines for charity work because, as Ahlan Live reported on August 12, sometimes Niall Horan is more of a behind-the-scenes charitable giver.

For instance, about the Believe in Magic charity Ahlan Live states, "Even though Niall Horan and Harry Styles were not present at the event, they donated a signed guitar and a shirt that were auctioned off."

On top of financial donations or raising awareness for a charity, one of the most direct charitable acts that One Direction does is to actually visit fans that are terminally ill.

While this is something that is often done by many other types of celebrities besides One Direction, Niall Horan is frequently called upon.

The Ireland Herald reports on August 19, "In 2014, the Make a Wish Foundation sent 88 children with life-threatening illnesses across the globe... while another 31 met their idols such as Niall Horan and One Direction[.]"

On August 28, the Leader Live reports that a young girl with Rett Syndrome said she wanted to meet Niall Horan -- and Louis Tomlinson's mum is the one that spotted her request on social media.

According to Leader Live's version of the story, caregivers of the young girl stated the following.

"With Georgia having faced a particularly hard 12 months in which we have seen much physical and health deterioration her fighting spirit has remained. A lot of that is thanks to the ability that popping her headphones on with One Direction blaring out has to put a smile back on her face. She's excited to meet them all but Niall [Horan] is her favorite – he gets the most kisses on her poster."
Of course, along with major efforts surrounding #Action1D, Niall Horan is always spreading the good word about charities and invites fans to participate. In addition to getting involved with charities via Niall's suggestion, Niall Horan fans have their own charity in his name.

UnReality TV reports on August 5 that the #MrsHoran raffle was part of a larger @1DFansGiveNiall campaign to raise money for causes Niall Horan believes in.

Naturally, there is a strong likelihood that other celebrities will draw Niall Horan into their own charity causes since he will have an open schedule during his 2016 break from One Direction.

For example, it was reported by Gossie on June 12 that Samuel L. Jackson was interviewed by the Sun and said he wanted Niall Horan to join him on the green for a celebrity charity tournament.

[Feature image via Scott Barbour/Stringer/Getty Images]