Jared Fogle: Former Subway Pitchman Turned In By Ex-Franchise Owner

Aaron Homer

Jared Fogle, the Subway pitchman for 15 years who this summer found himself facing child pornography and child sex abuse charges, was undone by comments he made to an ex-franchise owner. Fogle was bragging about his fondness for underage girls, according to MSN.

Former Subway franchise owner Cindy Mills says she met Fogle in 2008 and exchanged telephone numbers with him. For reasons that aren't particularly clear, Fogle allegedly began telling Mills, via text messages, that he paid for sex with underage girls.

Among the claims that Fogle allegedly made were that he had traveled to Thailand to have sex with minors, according to Fox News. Ms. Mills also reported that Jared claimed he had paid for sex with a 16-year-old girl he met on Craigslist.

Alarmed, Mills took this information to a Florida regional Subway executive named Jeff Moody, says Mills' lawyer, Jeff Beasley. At the time, Moody was the head of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, Subway's marketing division.

Mills claims, via her lawyer, that Moody blew off her concerns about Fogle, according to The New York Post, telling her he "didn't want to hear any more." Mills also claims that Moody said that he'd heard similar complaints about Fogle - it's not clear from whom - and claimed Fogle had met with "a teacher who would keep him grounded."

To Beasly, Moody's complete lack of interest in his client's claims about Fogle just meant that Subway was aware of what Fogle was allegedly doing.

"To me, it was confirmation that they knew about it."

Mills said that she thought about suing Subway, but due to the complicated legalities governing the company's relationship with Jared Fogle, the company is "insulated" from legal actions arising from Fogle's conduct.

On August 19, Jared Fogle agreed to plead guilty to a variety of charges related to child pornography and sex with underage girls. Fogle will pay $1.4 million in restitution to his victims - $100,000 each to 14 victims - although the deal doesn't prevent any of the victims from pursuing further legal damages against Fogle. He'll also serve no more than 12.5 years in prison, but no fewer than five.

Jared Fogle is scheduled to be sentenced on November 19, according to The Indianapolis Star.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images/Jason Merritt]