Jorge Ramos: Univision CEO Slams Donald Trump For Journalist’s Treatment

Jorge Ramos’ Univision boss, CEO Randy Falco, slammed 2016 GOP hopeful Donald Trump for the treatment of his journalist during a press conference in Iowa last Tuesday when security escorted him out for asking a question out of turn.

Trump, who is leading most polls and has become the focus of the Republican 2016 presidential campaign, is known for being plain-spoken. When Jorge Ramos, Univision anchor of Noticiero Univision, interrupted a press conference to ask a question, the flamboyant candidate asked him multiple times, and in no uncertain terms, to “sit down” and “go back to Univision.”

This last statement enraged many Latinos, who saw it as an insult to their community at large. Despite being escorted out of the presser, Jorge Ramos was allowed to come back in, and Donald Trump took questions from him and engaged in a discussion about illegal immigration, a topic which Ramos advocates for.

In a statement about the scuffle between Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos, Univision chief Randy Falco issued a statement condemning the candidate’s treatment of his anchor.

“The recent treatment that Jorge Ramos received at Mr. Trump’s press conference in Iowa is beneath contempt. As a Presidential candidate, Mr. Trump is going to get tough questions from the press and has to answer them. Jorge Ramos is one of the most professional, dedicated and respected journalists I have seen or worked with in my 40 years in media. He always asks hard questions of candidates and elected officials, regardless of party or issue. Mr. Trump demonstrated complete disregard for him and for the countless Hispanics whom Jorge seeks to represent through press questions that are at the heart of the First Amendment. I remain grateful for the first-rate journalistic work that Jorge and all of his news colleagues at Univision and Fusion do to bring all points of view to the 57 million Hispanics in this country.”

Ramos defended himself during a recent appearance on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, saying he’s “just a reporter asking questions, but I also believe, Anderson, that you have to go the extra mile to be tough on those who are in power.”

Following the scuffle with Jorge Ramos, Univision’s best known journalist, and throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has repeatedly vowed to win the Latino vote if elected as the Republican nominee. The GOP hopeful claims he employs thousands and thousands of Hispanics in his many business ventures and they “love” him.

What do you think of the Jorge Ramos and Donald Trump scuffle?

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]