Toupee Mystery Solved: Mom Reveals Donald Trump’s Hair Secret — Gel And Hairspray

The woman who had the unexpected honor of inspecting Donald Trump’s famous blond hair up close still insists — the ‘do is not a toupee but is 100 percent the real thing.

Mary Margaret Bannister told CNN that the billionaire politician “made eye contact with me” before asking her to hop on stage and take a look at his famous hairdo.

The Donald requested the supposedly impromptu examination in response to a New York Times article that covered Trump’s spat with Hispanic media and led with a rather humorous quote from Spanish radio show host Ricardo Sánchez, CBS News added.

Sánchez calls the presidential candidate “El hombre del peluquín,” or “the man of the toupee.”

At an Upstate Chamber Presidential Series event, which sold out five days after tickets were available, Donald challenged the unflattering moniker. (For the record, the Hispanic media have also called him Hitler, Politico added, a comparison he has yet to similarly disprove.)

“It’s my hair!” he said, alleged toupee shining in the spotlight. “I swear! Come here. Just come on up here. They’re going to let you. You have to do an inspection, this is getting crazy.”

And so Bannister found herself on stage, looking rather startled if not a little awkward, in front of 1,400 supporters, facing the prospect of touching the most hotly-debated and mocked hairstyle in pop culture.

“It was a very bizarre experience. You know, I was just listening to the speech and then it just kind of happened. He made eye contact with me.”

Mary, a stay-at-home mom, former schoolteacher, and Republican, just so happens to be married to the South Carolina House Majority Leader, Bruce Bannister. She insisted that she’s never met Trump in person before. Her verdict?

“To me it looked real. It was not a toupee. When I approached him, he kind of leaned toward me, put his head toward me, and asked me to touch his hair,” she said.

She said she could see Trump’s roots, surely evidence that he doesn’t wear a toupee. Admittedly, that’s a pretty surprising revelation. But Mary may have revealed the secret to the Donald’s signature look — a liberal application of product.

Bannister theorizes gel and hairspray, but Trump has admitted only to using hairspray to achieve the toupee-esque style.

And he warned her before she approached for her inspection, “[W]e don’t want to mess it up too much, because I do use hairspray.”

Thursday’s toupee inspection confirms one thing about the Donald’s bizarre presidential campaign: He is definitely a showman. But some have criticized Trump for his lack of substance, and he’s recently responded by releasing a detailed immigration plan.

When asked about gun control in the wake of the shootings of two journalists in Virginia, he responded, “It’s too bad somebody can’t figure it out. We have a serious mental problem.”

Even though Mary has single-handedly dispelled the long-standing mystery and gotten far closer to Donald Trump than any voter likely will, she’s still waiting for some details, too.

“He is an interesting man to listen to. He keeps the crowd intrigued by what he has to say.”

[Photo Courtesy Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]