Madonna and Sean Penn Getting Back Together? Pop Diva Hopes For Second Chance With Ex-Husband

Madonna and Sean Penn are back in the news just weeks after they were in the headlines over an Instagram photo posted by the pop diva herself. She had a nostalgic black-and-white photo from their days together as husband-and-wife with the caption: “It’s almost our birthdays!! 2 Leo’s #rebelhearts photo by Herb Ritts another Leo.”

Madonna turned 57 on August 16 and Penn turned 55 one day later.

According to a new report by RadarOnline, Madonna is hoping for a second chance with her ex-husband, whom she divorced back in 1987. They were married in 1985 on Madonna’s birthday.

According to a source who spoke with RadarOnline, Madonna has been giving all kinds of gifts to Penn.

“She has been sending him gifts and suggestive messages — and many believe it’s only a matter of time before he cracks.”

Apparently, Madonna wasn’t too happy when Sean Penn got together with Charlize Theron — whom he’s no longer with. The insider says that the mega pop star was “devastated” when they were an item. It seems that the two have allegedly been close… with the source saying that “they were hooking up as recently as last year.”

Throughout the years Madonna hasn’t been successful in finding another man that she can relate to in terms of what she had with Penn. Despite the tumultuous and volatile marriage she had with the movie star/director, no one has come close to Penn, according to the source.

“Madonna adores Sean and would give anything to have another shot at love with him. No other guy has come even close in terms of standing up to her, satisfying her physically and being intellectually stimulating.”

As Us Weekly reported soon after the Instagram photo was posted by Madonna earlier this month, Madonna and Sean Penn were nicknamed “the Poison Penns” for their public spats throughout their marriage. They reportedly had very heated exchanges.

The pair met on the set of Madonna’s 1985 video of “Material Girl.” They married in a private wedding ceremony a few months later.

When Penn interviewed with Esquire UK magazine in March, he mentioned what he learned in his divorce.

“Initially, in a divorce, you kick and bite about the other person. But finally you’re looking at your failures to that person, to a marriage, to a friendship, to yourself during that time as well. Because no matter what the other person was or wasn’t, for better and for worse, it really has so little to do with the growth you need to find better circumstances. Almost exclusively it has to do with your own stuff.”

Is it possible at all that Madonna and Sean Penn will get back together after all that’s happened between them?

[Photo by Brenda Chase/Stringer via Getty Images]