Instagram User Helps Pro-Ana Anorexic Secret Skinny Society With Binge And Eating Disorder Recovery

The pro-ana and anorexic Instagram society has a beautiful woman to look to as a mentor in terms of recovering from eating disorders. Her name is Amalie, and as noted in the New York Post, Amalie isn’t a normal food blogger. Instead, Amalie posts photos on Instagram of her meals that help her gain weight and are part of the re-feeding process to help her recover from years of being underweight.

Warning: Some of the photos posted below might be upsetting to viewers.

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With an Instagram account titled “REDEFINING HEALTHY,” Amalie explains how she travels the world and samples foods from all over. It’s a feat that she didn’t experience years ago, when during her two-year recovery she wrote about freaking out over eating vegetables in an eatery that likely had about two grams of butter. Amalie doesn’t post her lowest weight in pounds — nor any weight for that matter, because she doesn’t want the numbers to trigger others suffering from anorexia and eating disorders. But the wisdom she dispenses is invaluable to those who’ve experienced being super-skinny and recovering from eating disorders.

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“I write things, travel places and eat stuff. Exploring the world, one bite at the time.”

Using hashtag such as #realcovery and #tastingtheworld, Amalie is showing a post-by-post view of how to reclaim her world and speak directly to those who are suffering the way she previously suffered with anorexia, reports the Daily Mail.

“In recovery from eating disorders, there is a lot of focus on the physical part. Being ill means looking physically ill; dry skin, hair falling out and a thin and fragile frame. But guess what? Most ED sufferers are actually normal- or overweight.”

Amalie wrote about the backlash she received from the pro-ana society. And Amalie doesn’t just speak to obvious sufferers of eating disorders, but those who might restrict themselves to 1,000-calorie per day diets and seem “normal” and fit in to society.

“For me, recovery meant going from a body seen as abnormal and unappealing by others and society in general. But for some, recovery may mean letting go of a body seen as “fit” and ideal by society, and instead embrace a higher body fat percentage. A woman might get praised for her six pack, when she is in fact eating 1000 calories a day to maintain a body fat percentage so low that she does not even have her period.”

It’s not often that women jump on Instagram to post photos of their “weight gain” process, but Amalie is winning plenty of new fans and followers on Instagram for doing just that to help leave the pro-ana societies.

[Image via Instagram]