Was Sheena Bora Murdered For Money Or Love?

The murder of Sheena Bora has been an ongoing investigation since 2012, and Mumbai police are finally getting somewhere. More than three years since her death, police have enough information to question some suspects and make some arrests.

They believe that Ms. Bora was allegedly killed by her mother, Indrani Mukerjea. With the help of her driver, Shyam Rai, Mukerjea is accused of strangling her daughter, dumping her body in a remote location, and setting it on fire. However, the exact motive is still unclear.

Prior to her death, Sheena Bora was in a relationship with stepbrother Rahul Mukerjea. This created a tense relationship between mother and daughter. Allegedly, Ms. Mukerjea opposed this relationship and believed Sheena could do better.

It may have been an honor killing that led to Ms. Bora’s death.

After an interview with Indrani, deputy police commissioner Dhananjay Kulkarniwas said, “[I]t was an honor killing because Sheena was having an affair with Rahul, which was not liked by Indrani.”

To protect the family pride, honor killings are still carried out when families disapprove of a relationship.

Although police believe this may have been a factor, there may be more to it. According to one officer, Sheena’s relationship “enraged Indrani and she claims this to be the reason for the murder. But there is more to it.”

According to the Telegraph, Sheena Bora may have been murdered because of financial fraud.

In 2007, Indrani Mukerjea and her husband, Peter Mukerjea, founded the media group INX Media. However, in 2009, they exited the company amid allegations of embezzlement. Now the police are wondering if Sheena Bora was somehow involved.

One of the main investors in INX Media was a firm based out of Singapore. When INX started losing substantial money, they ordered an audit of the financial books. Soon after, they discovered huge amounts of money had disappeared.

When interviewed by police, Sheena’s friends claimed that Indrani entrusted her daughter with a large sum of money and eventually demanded it back. However, Sheena refused. She wanted the money so she could start a new life with Rahul. This only angered Indrani and added to the already strained relationship.

On April 24, 2012, the same day Sheena Bora was to leave for the United States, she was killed. Three months ago, an anonymous call to police prompted them to arrest Shyram Rai. It was because of his interrogation that led to the involvement and arrest of Indrani Mukerjea.

Another suspect in Sheena’s killing is Indrani Mukerjea’s ex-husband, Sanjeev Khanna. The Times of India reports that Khanna, when asked by Mumbai police about Sheena Bora’s murder, claimed he was in the vehicle with Mr. Rai and Ms. Mukerjea on the night of the murder. However, he had fallen asleep, and upon waking, found Sheena’s dead body next to him. The police are not convinced and hold the belief that he had something to do with it.

There is a good chance investigators will eventually discover the exact details of how Sheena Bora was murdered. However, the motive will most likely remain clouded. Sheena Bora may have been killed for the money she kept or the love of her stepbrother. It may very well be a cloaked combination of both.

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