Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Goes Braless Underneath Open Blazer In Sizzling Double Instagram Update

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley knows how to take her business wear to the next level, and yet again she displayed that with a sizzling double Instagram update that is sending the social media platform into a meltdown.

The steamy duo of photos was shared to the beauty mogul's feed on Tuesday, September 3, and have quickly become a favorite of her 10.1 million followers. Rosie herself appeared to be the face both in front and behind the camera. She posed against a white wall for the sultry selfies that were taken using perfect lighting to illuminate the 32-year-old's breathtaking beauty.

The upload kicked off with a shot of Rosie from the chest up rocking nothing but an oversized, light brown blazer, which she left open for a bit of sexiness and edge. The British beauty went completely shirtless and braless underneath the open jacket, exposing an ample amount of cleavage and a hint of her trim midsection. Her blonde hair was worn down and bunched up in the collar of the piece, though a few strands fell out to perfectly frame her face. She added even more edge by wearing a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses that nearly covered up half her face, while also wearing a light pink lipstick on her plump lips and dusting her cheeks with a blush of the same shade.

Fans wanting more of Rosie's eye-popping look didn't have to go further than the next slide of her new upload. There, they would get up close and personal with the babe's exposed bosom, as she had zoomed in and angled the camera for an even closer look at the area. Her suit jacket was opened up even wider, while the dainty diamond pendant necklace she wore drew even more attention to her busty display. She grazed her perfectly manicured fingers over her abs while holding the large lapel in place, possibly to keep from over exposing her voluptuous assets to her fans.

It wasn't long before fans began double tapping Rosie's latest upload to show it some love. At the time of this writing, the post has already accrued more than 177,000 likes after just fours hours of going live on Instagram. Hundreds flocked to the comments section as well to express their admiration for the stunner's jaw-dropping look.

"Always perfection," one person wrote.

Another called Rosie a "perfect Barbie doll."

"So chic & beautiful. You are an absolute stunner!" commented a third.

Rosie often wows her fans with her impressive sense of style. Another look recently shared to her Instagram page saw her again going braless underneath a skintight, nude tank top, which she paired with a midi-length denim skirt that perfectly clung to her famous curves.