‘I Hope He Gets Broken In Rehab’: Family Members Speak Out About Josh Duggar In Rehab, And Anna Moving Out

The Duggar family revealed that Josh Duggar checked himself into a rehabilitation facility for addiction treatments. However, Duggar family members say that rehab alone isn’t enough and that they hope Josh “gets broken in rehab” so that he can truly repent for his sins. They say their family is “shocked and broken and furious” after the revelations regarding the infidelity and pornography addiction.

Two members of the Duggar family spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the grief that Josh has caused the family noting that they don’t know who this person is and that he has brought a dark cloud over the family during a time that is supposed to be happy. The family member went on to say that Josh has lost his integrity with the family and that Anna will have to find the strength to make some important changes.

“Who did we spend Christmases with? Who have we grown up with? Who is this person? This is supposed to be a happy time, and there is a dark cloud over our family. Josh’s integrity is gone. It’s scary. You never know who can have a double life. You really think you know someone. Josh was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and I hope he gets broken in rehab and gets the help he needs. I hope Anna finds the strength to make some changes.”

Another Duggar family member noted that the family is praying for Josh and that they believe he is finally getting the help he desperately needs.

“My heart is broken over this. I hope and pray Josh gets the help he needs. I believe he is getting that help.”

The family members were sure to point out that none of them had any idea about Josh’s double life prior to the Ashley Madison leak. They say that no one saw it coming. Meanwhile, Anna Duggar’s brother, Daniel Keller, has been very vocal about how he feels about the affair. Daniel noted that Josh will not change his ways until Anna moves out, and he thinks that Josh doesn’t think it is a big deal and that reality won’t hit him until Anna finally makes some drastic changes.

Shortly after Josh checked himself into rehab, the Duggar family released a public statement noting that Josh has brought “great insult” on the family and the values that they hold dear.

“As parents we are so deeply grieved by our son’s decisions and actions. His wrong choices have deeply hurt his precious wife and children and have negatively affected so many others. He has also brought great insult to the values and faith we hold dear.”

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