‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Jury Member Returns, New HOH Crowned

Big Brother 17 spoilers from Thursday night, August 27, really packed in the results. These Big Brother 17 spoilers already include who won the latest Head of Household competition as well as the name of the juror that was able to return to the BB17 house. The house held its Week 9 eviction ceremony first, with John McGuire getting voted out in another unanimous vote (5-0). A report from fan site Big Brother Network confirmed that this took place right before the other three jurors got a chance to join him in a competition.

As Julie Chen had advertised, this was the week where a jury member got to return to the house. Shelli Poole, Jackie Ibarra, and Becky Burgess returned to compete against John McGuire for a spot in the BB17 game. They competed right alongside the remaining seven houseguests, getting an equal shot at becoming the Week 10 HOH. The final juror left in the competition would also be getting a shot to get back in the game. It turned out that the endurance competition wouldn’t last as long as CBS producers might have hoped.

As further Big Brother 17 spoilers revealed Thursday, competitors fell out of the challenge rather quickly, with Vanessa Rousso emerging as the new HOH. Vanessa has the power in a very important week for her, as she was close to becoming a huge target for eviction. The returning BB17 juror was also revealed, as John McGuire made it further than the other jurors. John gets to re-enter the game, but he might end up getting re-nominated by Vanessa rather quickly.

The Week 10 nominations are going to come out on Friday, August 28, giving the house very little time to get into Vanessa’s ear. This is frustrating news for John, as he gets to step right back into the game, but he could be looking at an eviction in Week 10 as well. Maybe Vanessa will try to do things a bit differently this time, though, potentially seeing how she could go further in the game if she shakes up the alliance of Austin Matelson, Julia Nolan, and Liz Nolan while she still can.

Many BB17 fans are likely going to be frustrated by these Big Brother 17 spoilers, as there is a strong chance that it could be a wasted week in the house. While Vanessa Rousso has a shot at making a big game move, the most likely scenario for Week 10 is that John McGuire will get evicted again.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]