Dinosaurs Overrun Front Lawn In Texas Neighborhood As T-Rex And Raptor Annoy Homeowners Association

When a Homeowners Association puts rules and regulations in place, there are often people who end up seeing how far they can push things. Well, a couple in Texas aren’t trying to cause trouble, but they are getting under the skin of their HOA after putting two large metal dinosaur statues on their front lawn.

According to USA Today, Nancy Hentschel and her husband were on vacation in Arizona when they came across two metal dinosaur sculptures. One is of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and another is of a Velociraptor.

In a scene almost out of Jurassic World, the couple returned home and placed the statues out on the front lawn of their home in Lakewind, Texas. The T-Rex appears to be heading for a face-to-face battle with the Raptor as they sit on opposite sides of the front walkway.

For those passing by, it almost looks as if both dinosaurs could be chasing them, and it’s all in good fun. Hentschel spoke with KTRK-TV and says that it’s been a nice way to meet the neighbors.

“Obviously it does make a little bit of a statement, and I’ve met more neighbors in the past 24 hours than I have in the 17 years we’ve lived here.”

Kids and teens have been passing by the Hentschel’s house to take selfies with the front lawn dinosaurs, and not a lot of people have appeared to have many problems with them.

The Facebook page of the community has advised those that want to see the dinosaurs to hurry up because they may not be up long. The HOA is fully aware of the statues, but the director has not yet given a comment on them.

Most comments on the Facebook page are in support of the front lawn dinosaurs and don’t see any issues with them. Others believe they should at least be moved to the backyard

Hentschel did say that she has been contacted and asked what her plans are for the dinosaurs. She says that “her plans are directly tied to their plans.” If the HOA comes at her with requests to remove them, she fully plans on contesting them.

“[It’s] about creating a sense of community, and letting yourself roar.”

Nancy Hentchsel promises some special effects during the Halloween season for her dinosaur lawn statues. The Texas neighborhood has gotten a lot of attention with the metal T-Rex and Raptor roaming about, but the HOA may soon make them extinct.

[Image via New Territory Homeowners Association]