‘Fallout 4’ Artists Created Twice As Many Assets For The Game Than Found In ‘Skyrim’

Bethesda Game Studios’ Skyrim is known for being a massive RPG with hundreds of paths, options, combinations, spells, weapons, and everything else a player could want in an RPG. Considering the studio’s next big RPG is just months away from its release, the comparisons are bound to happen. In fact, on the studio’s official Twitter account, it was revealed that twice the assets were developed for the upcoming Fallout 4 than were created for Skyrim.

That bit of trivia was accompanied by a few concept art images that can be found in the Fallout 4 art book that will release later this year. The art book, entitled The Art of Fallout 4, can currently be pre-purchased from retailers like Amazon for around $30, although the list price is $40. The book, published by Dark Horse Books, includes over 180 pages of art and commentary on Fallout 4. Even though Fallout 4 will release on November 10, the art book will be available on December 22.

The shared images of concept art for Fallout 4 include a picturesque bridge, generation 2 synth, and power armor. While only a few images, the bridge image especially gives a good picture of what players can expect from the mood and setting of Fallout 4 without giving too much away. In fact, the developer recently stated that although this is a new, immense entry to the series, Fallout 4 will be reminiscent of earlier entries when it comes to the world, the setting, and how the game is played. The Inquisitr reported on the familiarity in addition to what players can expect when the game releases later this year.

Generation 2 Synth concept art for Fallout 4

Fallout 4 will feature a number of locations, quests, factions, and characters for players to find, complete, and meet according to the official Fallout 4 website. In the truest sense of an RPG, player will be able to choose to join alongside factions or companions in Fallout 4 or choose to lead a completely lone wolf experience. The customization continues with a customizable player character, male or female, with a slew of facial and hair options. Moreover, players can develop their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills in tandem with hundreds of perks to create wholly unique characters.

Unlike previous entries, Fallout 4 will also feature a way to build player settlements. The expanded crafting systems fits perfectly with this feature considering nearly everything the player finds can be used to either create or customize weapons, armor, or be used in building a settlement. Players will set up structures, defensive systems, and more for their very own camp.

Not to mention, Fallout 4 will feature V.A.T.S. and intense third- or first-person combat. All of that and more will be a part of the RPG when it releases in November. What are you looking forward to doing first when Fallout 4 releases?

[Images via Bethesda Softworks]