Antonio Williams Had Dinner With Girlfriend’s Family, Shot Her Dead 2 Hours Later, Police Charge

Jacoria “Shug” Ray, a 20-year-old honor student who loved music, was fascinated by robotics, and looked forward to a job that would let her travel the world, believed she had finally found “someone special” when she brought home Antonio Williams, 22, to have dinner with her grandma and little brother on Sunday. But two hours later, when she never showed up to bring leftovers to her mom who was in bed sick that day, Jacoria Ray’s body was found dumped on a bridge in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama — shot to death.

Now, police say that her killer was her new boyfriend, the first man she ever brought home to meet her family, Antonio Williams.

The ex-Army solider killed her, according to police, sometime after she dropped off her 12-year-old brother at the home of another family member. After getting rid of the young woman’s body, Williams then drove off in her mother’s car, police say.

Cops caught up to Williams on Monday, taking him into custody as he pumped gas into the 2014 Dodge Charger that belonged to Deandra Ray, the single working mom who raised her daughter alone, and now must find a way to pay for her burial.

Williams, an ex-Army soldier, according to police, was charged with capital murder and held without bond in Jefferson County Jail. Police have not released any details about why Williams may have committed the horrific and heart-shattering murder. However, in the United States, almost 20 percent of all murder victims are killed by an intimate partner, and about two-thirds of those victims are women.

When “Shug” failed to show up with the leftovers, Deandra Ray knew something was wrong. She began searching for her daughter herself, calling every number she found when she was able to pull up Jacoria’s cell phone records on her daughter’s computer.

She called Williams, who told her he would call her right back. But he never did. She also went looking for anything she could find on Williams’ social media accounts and found he had already deleted his Instagram page.

At 9:30 that evening, she went to a nearby police station to file a missing persons report — but found that she was too late.

“That’s when they came in and said they had found Shug,” she told the Alabama news site “I told them that was not what I wanted to hear. They were going to have to tell me something else.”

Jacoria Ray’s devastated family say they is glad that police have Antonio Williams in custody, but nothing changes the loss of their beloved little girl.

“He just took a jewel,” her grandmother said.

[Image: Birmingham Police Department]