Man Caught On Camera Drowning His Stepdaughter

A Mexican dad has been charged with murder after surveillance cameras caught him in the act of drowning his own stepdaughter. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that the unnamed man was arrested last week after he went on the run. He faces a laundry list of charges, including aggravated homicide. The details surrounding this case, and the security video footage, are downright shocking.

The incident took place earlier this month when the man was staying at a motel with his wife and her daughter from a previous relationship. When the mother took a nap, the man took it upon himself to take the three-year-old girl swimming at the motel pool. That is where cameras caught him committing a series of violent acts. He was captured throwing the girl into the pool repeatedly, allowing her to thrash and struggle in the water, unable to swim.

The video footage also shows the man holding the girl’s head under water, causing her to drown. The video shows the toddler struggling and reaching for her stepfather’s help after he tossed her into the water. He can also be seen retrieving her and throwing her back into the swimming pool multiple times. After the child was rendered unconscious, the man handed her to her mother, and told her to take her to a private hospital because she wasn’t breathing. It appears that the man was trying to pass the incident off as an accident — until surveillance footage proved otherwise.

Proceso News out of Mexico reports that the child died of secondary drowning, or “mechanical asphyxia by drowning.” Her death was declared at a nearby hospital after attempts to resuscitate her were not successful. Secondary drowning often occurs minutes or even hours after a person has been swimming, and most commonly affects children.

This is not the first time an intentional child drowning has made headlines. This year a Dallas teen was charged with murder after the 14-year-old intentionally drowned a two-month-old baby that she was babysitting. Also this year, a Tucson, Arizona, dad was charged with murder and child abuse after his two-year-old daughter drowned at a residential pool. Last year in California, a mother admitted that she purposely drowned her 22-month-old daughter in her home while depressed about a custody battle with the baby’s father. A more notorious case of intentional child drowning involves Andrea Yates. The Texas mom infamously drowned all five of her children while suffering from postpartum psychosis.

Photo: Taken from security footage