Justice For Nikki: 2-Year-Old Nikki Francis-Coslovich’s Father Says He ‘Could Have Done More To Save Her’

“Justice for Nikki” was trending online Thursday after authorities dispatched a homicide squad to investigate the death of two-year-old Nikki Francis-Coslovich.

The child’s body was found on a rooftop just two hours after she was reported missing. Police in Mildura, Australia, found fingerprints on a manhole in the ceiling, which led up to where Nikki’s body was discovered.

At this time, the Homicide Squad is not releasing details of the girl’s death, though they have told the press that the autopsy was productive and “revealed important details” in the investigation, Opposing Views reports.

Among those seeking justice for Nikki is her dad Nicholas Coslovich, who made some cryptic and heartbreaking statements reported by Australia’s 9News.

“I got told by the police that (Nikki) was missing and my heart broke. I sort of knew that I wasn’t getting my baby back…. When I got the news that she’d passed, again it took probably a minute or two to sink in and then I just broke and since then it’s just been coming in ebbs and flows. I’ll go numb and then I’ll be overwhelmed.”

Of particular interest in Coslovich’s outpouring of grief was the statement that he “could have done more” to prevent what happened to her.

“I can’t believe I let it happen, I feel guilty that I didn’t do enough. I could’ve done more and my little girl’s not here now and I’m sure there’s something I could have done…. Even though I know that I did everything within the system, I feel I could have done more, I didn’t save her and that’s the worst feeling in the world.”

Nikki lived with her mother Peta-Ann Francis and three sisters — all under the age of eight — along with Francis’ partner, John Torney. Police have made no arrests and haven’t named any suspects at the time of this post, but her father’s statement raises many questions.

What is known: Nicholas and the child’s mother split in February of this year. The circumstances of that split were not divulged by police.

In a separate report from The Age, it was noted that Peta-Ann had spoken highly of her daughters in a May Facebook post, stating that she loved her “four beautiful girls.”

The mother and her partner are cooperating fully with police, the report added, though Torney did get aggressive with the media, according to the Daily Mail.

For more information on getting justice for Nikki or to keep up with the case, visit the Victoria Police online.

[Image via 9News, linked above]