Poll: Americans Don’t Want To Hear About Gay Marriage, It’s The Economy Stupid!

President Obama was on The View today. Well, it was a pre-taped segment and it was supposed to be his “coming out” party. The President originally wanted to explain to the world that his position on Gay Marriage had “evolved” and he now supported same sex unions. Unfortunately, Vice-President Biden screwed that one up and Obama had to come out last week.

So President Obama took to the view to talk about pop culture and gay marriage and all the other pretty issues that one discusses on daytime television. But if polls are to be believed he should stop talking marriage and get back to the economy.

A CBS News/New York Times poll showed, as expected, that the economy is far and away the top issue for U.S. voters.

62% of voters said the economy was their top issue with most of them saying that the economy is not good. They are split down the middle as to whether the economy is improving under President Obama.

Even though President Obama is on the View today talking Gay Marriage, only 7% of Americans said it was their top issue.

Obama, talked on The View about his political repercussions about the issue.

He said,

“I think it’s very hard to say. There’s no doubt that for some folks who have very sincere, legitimate beliefs about traditional marriage … I think some will say, ‘Look, I like Barack, but I just strongly disagree with him on this.'”

President Obama reiterated his position that the Defense of Marriage Act should be repealed. He is quoted as saying Congress “is clearly on notice that I think it’s a bad idea.”

The CBS News/New York Times survey also showed that if the election were held today, we would be waiting for President Mitt Romney to be inaugurated. He is leading President Obama 46% to 43%.