Bret Michaels Settles Lawsuit With CBS Over Tony Awards Accident [Video]

In 2009, Bret Michaels was injured while performing at the Tony Awards when a set piece fell from the ceiling and hit him in the head as he was exiting the stage. The Poison rocker filed a lawsuit against CBS and now the two parties have finally agreed to a settlement.

The details of the settlement have not been announced but CBS released a statement, saying:

“The parties have reached an amicable resolution of their dispute and the case has been settled. The terms of the settlement will not be disclosed.”

The LA Times reports that Michaels was knocked to the ground by a set piece after his performance at the Tonys in 2009. The incident left him with a busted lip and a fractured nose. Michaels also suffered a brain hemorrhage 1o months later, which he says was caused by the head trauma he experienced at the Tony Awards.

The lawsuit claimed that Michaels experienced serious head trauma “at the hands of the Tony Awards” that left him in critical condition.

Here’s a video of Bret Michaels accident at the Tony Awards.