Big Bang’s Simon Helberg Welcomes Daughter

There’s a new geek in town, and it’s The Big Bang Theory’s very own Simon Helberg’s baby daughter! Simon Helberg and his wife Jocelyn Towne welcomed their very first child, daughter Adeline, last Tuesday, May 8, according to the actor’s rep.

Helberg, 31, who stars as the hilarious Howard Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory was vocal about the couple’s need to have a natural birth complete with a midwife, which they were successfully able to do. However, Helberg unintentionally took a page out of his Big Bang’s character’s book as he had a bit of a problem finding the delivery room.

Simon Helberg told Conan O’Brien about his lack of direction during an interview saying, “I walked into the wrong examination room.” The actor continued, “I’m bad enough at facial recognition..I saw more that day than I cared to. I didn’t recognize her from that angle, whoever it was and I didn’t ask.”

This is the first addition made to the couple’s growing family. A source close to the couple says, “The family is thrilled. Simon is excited to be a father — he’s been doing his reading.”

Perhaps life will imitate art for his character on The Big Bang Theory? You never know where this show will go, but Helberg was eager to talk about the marriage and subsequent launch into space that took place between Howard and Bernadette (Melissa Raunch), telling Entertainment Weekly, “You start to see, wait a second, even though he’s married, the dynamic has not completely shifted yet. He’s not grown up. He’s still with his mother. He still needs these guys to hang out with. And now you’re going to get this whole view of what married life is like, which I think is a kind of fascinating thing to put into this show about young nerds.”

Simon Helberg nabbed his wife in Los Angeles years ago, and the two married in 2007.