‘Scandal’ Season 5 Spoilers For Major Characters

The new season of Scandal is almost here, and though information has come out about the possibility of Olivia Pope and the President coming together, we have to wonder where things stand for the other characters that swirl around the orbit of “Olitz.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, when we last left Scandal, Fitz had just thrown Mellie out after Elizabeth North (played by Portia de Rossi) exposed Mellie’s relationship with Rowan, Olivia’s father, and the head of the underground group B613. Mellie now has her Senate seat, but has lost her husband.

But what about the rest of the team? First, the gladiators of Olivia Pope and Associates. A new face, perhaps as a gladiator (they are a few down at this point), is Mia Maestro who will have a “major recurring role” according to Den of Geek. But what about Cyrus Beene, the President’s right hand man? At the end of last season, he was finally found out for four years of treachery, and now he has been banished from the White House. But if we know anything from watching Scandal from the beginning, don’t count Cyrus out.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Portia de Rossi as Elizabeth North will no longer be on the periphery, but will be a major character on Scandal. In de Rossi’s mind, Elizabeth is much more good than bad.

“I think Elizabeth’s end game is that she wants what is best for her country,” de Rossi told the Hollywood Reporter during a set visit earlier this season. “She is a patriot. She is careful. She really cares about her party, keeping her party together and she believes that she’s doing the right thing. That’s what makes her such a complex character — she genuinely believes that even if she has to play a little dirty, it’s worth it for the end goal, for the overall betterment of the country.”

And what about Rowan Pope, Olivia’s father? When we last saw Rowan, he had been brought down and thrown behind bars by Olivia Pope Associates, but will he stay there? Christian Today is reporting that the actor who plays Rowan, Joe Morton, believes that Rowan will live to be a bad guy for another day.

“On the surface, it looks like a given who Rowan/ Eli is, to be in jail for extortion or for embezzlement seems like something that might be easy for him to get out of but we’ll see,” the actor told Deadline. “Who knows what will come out of the mind of Shonda Rhimes.”

Clues are coming out of the Scandal set each day, and soon we will know about the future of all of our favorite characters.

What do you think could be the biggest surprise yet on this season of Scandal?

[Photo courtesy of ABC Television]