‘Game Of Thrones’ Siblings Dating In Real Life

Game of Thrones is never short of surprise or scandal, but the extremely popular fantasy show has managed to keep fans of the show off-guard, even between seasons.

Okay, not Game of Thrones per se, but the fact that two of its teenage stars are rumored to be seeing each other has made fans happy and disgruntled in equal measure, according to E! Online.

Dean-Charles Chapman, 17, and Nell Tiger Free, 15, better known to Game of Thrones fans as Tommen and Myrcella, are reportedly dating. And what’s better – they seem to be having a pretty good time!


While most fans seem to be pleased about this budding romance, some have hit back (hopefully as a matter of jest) at the real-life couple for indulging in incest. Now, that is certainly taking one’s engagement with Game of Thrones to another level!

Rumors about the duo’s romance were first reported by Buzzfeed, and in the ensuing days, both Chapman and Nell have continued to post rather intimate photos and cute nicknames all over their social media accounts. Although they have made nothing official yet (they are only teenagers), it is not hard to guess that there is definitely something going on there.

After Chapman posted the above photo of the two of them on August 19, which seems to be taken in a hotel, he also shared a photo of the pair mysteriously flying off to somewhere on the very same day. Now they couldn’t be going to the Game of Thrones sets together, so that could only mean that the pair are spending a lot of their free time with each other.

The pair also frequently spends time with another one of their best mates – Isaac. H. Wright – who plays Bran Stark on Game of Thrones. They even went to camping together, and Nell, in particular, seems to have enjoyed the trip a lot.

And then this was when the pair visited the V fest together.

But the clearest indication yet of a probable romance between the Game of Thrones siblings came last month when Nell posted a photo of Chapman tying her shoelaces with the caption “he loves me.”

Fans on social media have been pleased to see the romance grow, which they have jokingly dubbed “Lannister Love.”

Let’s wait to see how the Lannister love saga unfolds. With a sneak peek into their personal lives, will it be hard for Game of Thrones fans to continue to relate to the duo as on-screen siblings?

[Photo: Mike Marsland, Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images]